Monday, January 11, 2010

prison candy

What to do with chocolate chips other than cookies???
Melt them

and dip whatever fruity and nutty goodness you have them!

Then take the left over melted goo, if you have any, and make prison candy!
What the hell, you say?
Well I am not sure how we coined that, but if my memory serves me correct, we saw a brief clip of some history on either food network or history channel, or travel channel, of some guy in prison a long time ago who used to save scraps of candy bars, nuts, and fruit bits and create some kind of candy from it.
It prompted an immediate desire to go through our cabinets to create our own. It always comes out different, so you just never know.
We have used in the past, rice krispies, cereals, nuts, coconut flakes, caramels, marshmallows, graham crackers. And just mixed up some lovely combos!

Whatever you have, break it up, mix it in the chocolate, spread it out let it cool, consume.
This time, we used granola.
And like always,
it was excellent!


Andrea said...

Looks yummy, creative and fun. A great combination!

Shel said...

Yum-o! What a fabulous and fun way to start the week!

MamaTea said...

Looks like pure yummy deliciousness. What a fantastic idea!!

Stephanie said...

Prison candy.
Should'a known.
Might a been "poo candy" or "decomp candy".

;) xxoo

mamak said...

Aww, Steph, you know me SO well