Thursday, January 7, 2010

corn snakes don't eat corn

Beware of this post if you have dead mice or snake eating issues.
C'mon, you know some of you will squirm, and throw up a little in your throat.
OK, for those of you who stay...
Oh, scroll down to the bottom of the blog, and pause the tunes that are playing, so you can hear the video.
They eat mousicles!
Well, frozen baby mice called pinkies, at this point.
But they eat them defrosted of course.
Live mice can injure the snakes, and it's just cruel to watch a mouse squeek and struggle.
These mice are humanely dispatched ( not by me), so at least their suffering is quick, and not as scary as being devoured by a predator.
The kids are very amused with the mousicles.

They each picked a tasty meal

for their snakes.

Then we had to defrost them a bit.

Those picky little snakes like their food all warmed up, like they were live little mice.
So, I used a pair of old hemostats that were lying around, because I mean just what does one do wih all of those anyway, and we dangled the little mouse in front of the snake, and umm, even as a baby, they are fierce.

Just had at it.
Video'd for your very own pleasure!

While she was working on her meal we went to E's snake next,
Same entertainment.

K's snake wasn't interested, so we waited till today to try again. He does not like the dangle-a-meal presentation. He likes the leave it and go method, and he ate his without an audience.
By the time we came back to check on the first, M's snake, she already ingested it!

Guess we have that going down on Wednesday's now.
Hee hee hee.......


Heart Rockin Mama said...

And there is the throw up you were talking about. Man that is NASTY!!!

Drew commented (and I totally concur) that he loves how K is on top of the table and/or counter in so many of your posts. We like him!!!

Andrea said...

This surely answers the question of "can we get a snake" NO NO NO! Gag reflex alive and kicking! I am happy you are all enjoying this and that it is happening in your kitchen and not mine.

Rosemarie said...

I think it is so cool watching a snake eat and how there is a big lump in the middle of it while it digests!

Bright Eyes (Shelley) said...

We bought live pinkies for our snake in Austin (14yrs ago). No deforsting needed...but so hard to buy in bulk when Ziggy didn't eat that often.

enjoy your corn snakes! Looking back I can't believe Scott and I had a pueblan milk snake for our first pet. It got lose and disapeared. I'm sure if anyone saw it in the apartment complex first thought was a coral snake. OOPS!