Sunday, January 31, 2010

Science Fair project #1

As for one of our science projects, we decided to do a little art via evaporation.
In order to show the kids easily that water does turn into a gas when exposed to heat/air, we fist made a salt solution using 1/4 cup water, and three tablespoons of salt.
Next we used black construction paper, and paint brushes.
We had to make sure to dip in the solution and stir before every brush stroke to ensure salt was in the mixture, as it tends to settle at the bottom.
We painted our messages, and designs, and put them in a low set oven (150-175 degrees) for about 10 mins.
When we took them out, it was quite apparent that all of the water did indeed evaporate, and we were only left with the salt crystals adorning our paper. My camera did not catch all the little sparkly rainbows dancing off the crystals in the sun. It was pretty, but I think it needed more salt in the water, so if we did this again I would increase the salt by a few tablespoons.
We like sparklies.

This experiment was from the book "Chemistry For Every Kid" by Janice VanCleave
It is experiment #62, titled Crystal Ink, on page 132.

Saturday, January 30, 2010


I like moss.
It's pretty.

and soft.
So, I decided I wanted to have some close to me, so I can peer at it whenever I have a need to ponder moss.

I think every one should have a personal moss stash.
You should get one, I bet you will like it.
a lot.
Moss is very endearing.
It grows on you.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

All the proof that I need

to know, for a fact, that long ass New England winters make you certifiable:

Give away!

Steph at OLM (too), has a great enter-to -win give away going down.
C'mon, everybody loves science.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

This week

We have been trying to keep it slow and catch up on things that need doing, as last week was hell on wheels, and next week looks to be just as busy.
I usually hate to run around so much, but it seems like scheduling the crap out of the week seems to keep me from loosing my mind in the dreary, cold winter.
So I make myself crazy and run run run.
Then when we have some stay at home for a few days in your pj's, well that's just fine by me!

We checked out an Opera for kids on Sunday.

It was pretty good. We have seen many theatre productions,

but this was the first in which they did everything in front of the kids, make up, set changes, just so they could see everything involved.
I have been trying very hard not to let the season get to me this year, I seem to suffer from SAD. So, I have been buying plants to keep me seeing green, vibrant things. We decided to do some indoor gardening to help rejuvinate us and the plants.

It was a good smell, that damp soil.

Everybody was excited to play in the dirt.

We also decided to paint some pots,

in which to plant some Hyacinth's in to help liven things up even more, and that smell!
We can't wait!

We worked on our Valentine's day cards.


It's been a nice relaxed week, so far.
The wii has brought us much entertainment. our current faves are: Lego star wars, Punch out, Boom Blox. Mario Cart, and Fishing Master.
Isn't K ridiculously cute in his pink striped footies? As you may have guessed they were bought for M, but she found the footies intolerable. K fell in love and snatched them up. He even named them. They are not Pj's or footies, nope, those right there are his beloved Oompays!
Love that.
We have a concert of Christmas songs to go to at Yale tomorrow.
Yep, Christmas songs!
It was cancelled during the holidays due to a storm and was rescheduled. It will be fun to hear some merry tunes one more time.
Christmas seems so long ago already.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Puff puff puff

Sorry. Haven't had much time to post. This week has been such a runaroundcrazybusyfunweek.
There has been swimming,

a museum,

getting schooled on girl scout cookie training (me)
Oh, I like don't actually train the cookies, I am in charge of over seeing the girls in our troop in terms of sales and ordering.
I know it's so confusing. I thought I would have all of our cookies doing amazing things, like rolling out of the box, and dunk yourself. But no, this is what I volunteered for, sales...
So anticlimactic.

Friends for dinner,

feral ones to boot!

Snap circuits.

Hours, and hours and hours

of webkinz.
And not pictured:
Lots of times with snakes and an occasional frozen mouse, snacky Ikea food run with friends, wii, play dates, workbooks, chapter after chapter of The Wheel on the School, Wedgit puzzle solving, cooking, baking, house cleaning, opera ticket buying, battling an algae problem in the fish tank which I am so done with already, a new love of house plants, and the fun in acquiring them, filling in the calendar with lots of fun stuff coming up soon must do's.
You know just running on my little tiny wheel.
Squeak squeak.

Friday, January 15, 2010

crafty fun

We headed out for an afternoon of crafting with our friends.
They always have some fun things in mind to create, and we always enjoy the playing that ensues!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


are a necessity for the average family.
However, they are way cool to use in other ways as well.

When you feel the need for a different perspective,

Please feel free to utelize your appliance.
Fridges, they are not just for food anymore.

Monday, January 11, 2010

prison candy

What to do with chocolate chips other than cookies???
Melt them

and dip whatever fruity and nutty goodness you have them!

Then take the left over melted goo, if you have any, and make prison candy!
What the hell, you say?
Well I am not sure how we coined that, but if my memory serves me correct, we saw a brief clip of some history on either food network or history channel, or travel channel, of some guy in prison a long time ago who used to save scraps of candy bars, nuts, and fruit bits and create some kind of candy from it.
It prompted an immediate desire to go through our cabinets to create our own. It always comes out different, so you just never know.
We have used in the past, rice krispies, cereals, nuts, coconut flakes, caramels, marshmallows, graham crackers. And just mixed up some lovely combos!

Whatever you have, break it up, mix it in the chocolate, spread it out let it cool, consume.
This time, we used granola.
And like always,
it was excellent!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

My little sweet

baby boy.
A very pretty,

cross dressing kid,

named Lilly.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

corn snakes don't eat corn

Beware of this post if you have dead mice or snake eating issues.
C'mon, you know some of you will squirm, and throw up a little in your throat.
OK, for those of you who stay...
Oh, scroll down to the bottom of the blog, and pause the tunes that are playing, so you can hear the video.
They eat mousicles!
Well, frozen baby mice called pinkies, at this point.
But they eat them defrosted of course.
Live mice can injure the snakes, and it's just cruel to watch a mouse squeek and struggle.
These mice are humanely dispatched ( not by me), so at least their suffering is quick, and not as scary as being devoured by a predator.
The kids are very amused with the mousicles.

They each picked a tasty meal

for their snakes.

Then we had to defrost them a bit.

Those picky little snakes like their food all warmed up, like they were live little mice.
So, I used a pair of old hemostats that were lying around, because I mean just what does one do wih all of those anyway, and we dangled the little mouse in front of the snake, and umm, even as a baby, they are fierce.

Just had at it.
Video'd for your very own pleasure!

While she was working on her meal we went to E's snake next,
Same entertainment.

K's snake wasn't interested, so we waited till today to try again. He does not like the dangle-a-meal presentation. He likes the leave it and go method, and he ate his without an audience.
By the time we came back to check on the first, M's snake, she already ingested it!

Guess we have that going down on Wednesday's now.
Hee hee hee.......

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

We are so corny.

In a snakey way.
Yep, we have 3 new additions on the creek.
Corn Snakes.
K is not much of an animal guy. He tolerates the dogs, not into the barn, or any of those animals. Actually, the smell of most of those animals repulses him. I can not tell you how many times he has run from inside the barn out to fresh air, gagging.
It just smells like a barn...
So he has found much pleasure in reptiles.
He really wanted a shark, but that's not really feesible.
I mean I do what I can, but..
He then really wanted a ball python.
They require a little more snake knowledge than we posses at this time.
He then fell in love with a Lavender King snake, but the pet store wanted 165.00 for it.
So we went home to research which snake might be good fo us.
It was the corn snake.
They are AWESOME, gentle, come in so many colors, and can breed easily.
You know about me and my love of watching babies of all species come to be...
So we ordered 1 male, and 2 females.
I was not going to drop wads of cash on housing, so we visited you tube and other sources on the net, and learned how to make our own snake containers.
It was so easy.
A rubbermaid

solder holes,

attach heater,

which is running hot, so thermostats have been ordered.
Add substrate, and recycled hides.

And here are our new friends!
E's sunkist Corn who has been named Star/Hidey.

She's really pretty and sweet.
K's strikey/ stripey who is a carmel motley corn.

He is pretty scared and strikes a lot, in a few months he'll be calmer.
He's the male.
And M's cremesicle corn, which actually is not a true corn,

but a hybrid with some sort of rat snake in the history.
M took the naming very seriously.

Her final and only name is Hazel.
Good stuff!
Next up: Feeding, which is not for the faint of heart.
And yes there is video.
Because it's me.