Sunday, December 6, 2009

Such a slacker

Is it being lazy, or busy?
I dunno.
I have been trying to stay on top of my game, and it's that time of year where the days fly by.
But man, I kept saying, everyday, that I would catch up here.
And so a little late is better than not at all..
Let's be thankful a little bit, a frogcreek Thanksgiving?
What else can I mosaic at you? ( Thanks Jean!)
Hmmm, welp, E had a little incident.
You know the kind that sends the boy to the ER for staples in the scalp?
Take note!
When rolling down hills for pursuit of joy, check first for rocks.
All is well that ends well, and now we have that to be thankful for as well.


Amber said...

Wow yes busy times and lots happening for you. Nice to hear from you xxx

Amber said...

and ouch hope the head heals fast..xx

MamaTea said...

Those darn rocks. Getcha everytime! Hope everything turned out ok :)