Wednesday, December 16, 2009

some badness

So we have been plugging along with out incident for quite a while.
And that has been great.
Can I tell you how much yesterday sucked.
The kids were pissing me off because they have been so mean to each other lately, and I have tried everything, I feel like they just make messes everywhere and leave it for me. I feel like I need help with all the animals and they don't want to. AND worst of all possible things, the damn dogs killed one of our barn cats, the sweet one to boot. And then A and I had a fight, and today K woke up with a fever.
Today I am feeling back to myself, A and I made up last night as we always do. The kids have not fought yet, and there is no mess yet.
We have all forgiven the dogs, but miss our kitty.
I am feeling guilty because I heard them barking but assumed it had to do with squirrels and deer.
What is it with December and pets dying?
Remember Nigel?
K has fallen back asleep.
Things could be worse.
Everyone has bad days with their kids.
Anyway, since I never ever post many bad things, or bad days, I thought I would let one out of the bag. So as no one is under the false pretense that we are happy happy all the time and that unschooling is a magical bliss land. I could tell you here how often I get irritated, or the shitty events that may happen daily. Or that even though I try to live in harmony with my kids, that they are normal kids who frustrate the crap out of me sometimes, with their normal kid like behavior. And sometimes that I wonder why I don't just send them away everyday so I can have a clean house, and not have to deal with the spats, and messes, and arguing that every kid is bound to do.
It's just that I hold these ideals of mine dear, I see how amazing my kids are, and love to watch them persue their passions all day, that trips out in the community to all the cool real places are better than an artifical learning building 5 days a week, 8 long ass hours a day. That my time with them here is precious even through the muddy parts, because that is when we all learn real life lessons. So days like yesterday are vital to our growth, makers of memories, and chances to start over with fresh eyes.
And I choose to only acknowledge and focus on all the great things we do because I want to make certain that the universe sends me more of those. All the yucky stuff, well, I just choose not to give it much of my energy or time to dwell there.
So there.
I am all better now.
Now here, look at this craft.
Martha better look out cause I am some kind of crafty goddess.
What do you suppose would or could come out of these materials?

I loved this even more be I had to utilize the glue gun. I love using the glue gun.
And look at these cute little holiday mini clothes clips!

What do you think we made?
Think Holidays....
Ok, ok, We made a place to hang and display all those ultra cute Christmas card photos you get!
We never had an organized area for all our friend's cards, and now we do.

AND it cost us under 10.00
So onto a better day, and happy christmas card displaying!


Stephanie said...

Yup. With you all the way.

Who wants to spend time looking for all the things that go awry in a day?
I don't want my focus to be counting the times Trev thumps Madd (because she irritates the hell out of him) or how many times I have to pick up beads or ask Maddie to.
Much rather look to the good things and concentrate on that and ponder what a fine world we live in. Best way to get more of 'em, to be sure.

The card hanger is wonderful! I love it.

varunner said...

Sorry about the bad day. Cool idea on the card hanger! I've been wanting to make something to display Christmas cards as well. Yours looks really great!

Rosemarie said...

I am so with you on those bad days. We have been having lots of arguments lately too. But it all gets better as you start fresh everyday! Hope to see you all soon. Love the crafting days!

Shel said...
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Shel said...

Hi There, My parents live next door to you, and my Mom suggested I check out your wonderful blog, and I am so glad she did! I have been meaning to leave a comment for awhile to let you know how much I truly enjoy everything you post. I also love that I get a little glimpse of "home" too. I really, really, really miss small town life!

Every time I read your blog it gives me even more of a desire to homeschool than I already do. Guess we'll just have to wait and see if I attempt it or not! :)

Rough days aside, ya'll just seem to have the best time together! I love that your kids are learning from the world around them! Thanks so much, and keep all the fun (and even the not so fun) stuff coming! Next time the girls and I are down visiting my parents we'd love to stop by and say hi!

mamak said...

Hi Shell!
I am so glad that your mom passed this along. I think your Mom is great by the way. PLEASE do stop by when you around. I would love to meet you and your kids!
I do love our life just the way it is, the good and not so good, but I wouldn't ever change a thing. The thing about homeschooling, it's not merely an educational choice, it's a whole lifestyle shift. It's a fantastic way of living, but not everyone can swing it or wants to. If you want to try, do it kindergarten year, that's the easiest way. No school involvement, no friend leaving... Get involved with some local homeschool groups now, so as you can keep on and you already have your bearings. Email me anytime. :<)

MamaTea said...

You don't know HOW much I needed you to post this. Especially today. Yes, no one wants to focus on the crap days. But people who never *talk* about the crap days might come off as having it all together in a way that other people might think they should aspire to be. And I don't know that *that* particular life exists in reality. Know what I'm saying? Yes, be peaceful. Yes, focus on the positive. Yes, try a new perspective until things don't make you want to beat your head against a wall. real. ADMIT there are days when you want to beat your head against the wall. That makes writing about the peace so much more meaningful and believable. I'm sorry you had a bad day. And I'm sorry about the cat. I truly hope tomorrow is a better day :) And thank you for your honesty.