Friday, December 25, 2009

I can't sleep

I can not wait until morning gets here.
Can't wait.
Can not.
This was a few photos from tonight. It was a fun eve.

Good food,

baking cookies for the Man,

good movies, taking random things apart,

Google earth Santa tracking was so. much. fun.

I love technology.
AND there was funny desserts.
It's supposed to be a Christmas tree.

Go ahead, make fun.
M read us a book about Santa being on his way.

They are all sleeping together so it was easier for them to sleep and so it will expedite the waking everyone up part as well.

Oh, a mouse limped itself across the back deck this morning, or actually yesterdays, and it was nearly Christmas so we went out to see what limpy mouse was doing walking all slow and very unmousy like. It skootched quickish into a soup can the dog stole from the overflowing recycle bin(s).
It even squeaked at us as we peered inside.
Well, it was Christmas Eve, and we are supposed to have good will unto others.
It definitely qualifies in the others category.
What could we do?
She has been gorging herself on bird seed and all other morsely tidbits.
She is cute with big eyes. I wanted to name her Eve, but I got eye rolls.
Her current name is Trixie.
We plan to see what goes on with her leg and hopefully release her FAR away.
We hope she is not "with mouslings" or in "a family way"
But my luck would bring us a mouse birth.
She is living in a plastic box for now, mostly in a toilet paper tube.
I am sure she will make an appearance here because, well, she IS Trixie the Christmas mouse.
And since I am still trying to kill some time, I should now tell you, and imagine me saying this all giddy-like...
The dogs brought me the coolest present ever for Christmas, even if it's still a bit smelly!
They dug up a box turtle shell,

and it shows the spinal column on the inside!

What good woofers have I, huh?
Love that!
Anway, I should probably go into to bed and try to sleep, something tells me we are going to be going strong tomorrow..
Good night!

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