Thursday, November 26, 2009

Worthy of thanks

I am thankful for all the obvious things in my life.
But, I am also thankful for these creatures. They bring happiness to my soul seeing them mingling about here on the creek. Their mere presence is a joyful thing if you think about it. We are lucky to be able to enjoy them. Animals, even regular old livestock, bring you down a notch. They fill your heart with a compassion that taking care of a something that relies solely on your state of responsibility and love, can.

They can't feed themselves, protect themselves, pour their own water. They don't listen to commands, or lick you like a dog would. So they are hopeful that you see their inner soul, the true beauty of them just being,

that would spark you to go on to continue to care about something that has not much to give you, if you don't want them for their meat.
We are grateful for each one of their personalities, and annoying traits, their questionable smells, and runny poops.

We'll take it all.
Because interacting with them is something wonderful to behold. And man, the foundation they are providing my children with is something I can never repay. Their worth to us is ten fold. The lessons we have learned, the miracles we have seen, the new life steaming in the morning light,

the little peeps inside a closed shell.
This is what maters.
To us.

We are thankful for this.

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Me said...

Love it. Absolutely love it :)