Friday, November 13, 2009

Project terrarium

We had an old fish tank in the garage, and since I dismantled the salt water set up, I had a pretty nice light sysytem just lying around.
What could one do?
Well tell me, really, what is cooler than carnivorous plants?
Not much, we suspected.
So I read all I could about substrate, and light values, and what could coexist nicely.
We decided on Sundews and Butterwarts (pings), and a pitcher plant.
And I wanted some air plants ( Tilandsia) to fill it out on the vertical levels.
So I poured over this website, picked some beauties, and we began tank prep!
And so it began by glueing down the backing,

Those clever kids thought of using the books to weigh it down so it would not bubble!
The long awaited arrival!

Stage one, looking bare,

Post Tilandsia, much better!

inhabitant shots,

Little moss carpets have begun to grow along the base of the plants. I am really hoping it will make a lush carpet of green.
How pretty would that be?
We can't wait to watch these plants reproduce and fill out.
It really is a gorgeous thing to stare vacuously in, and it's carnivorous!
Can't beat that!
We now discuss the very high probability of carnivorous bog gardens outside this year.
Hell yeah.


Stephanie said...

Now you know I'm totally loving this. It could be that we're totally copying.

Stephanie said...

Er - totally.


mamak said...

Totally cool! DO IT!

Madeline Rains said...

Very cool. Kelly Lovejoy has one in her outdoor bog. I am inspired by both of you to put one in our pond.