Thursday, November 12, 2009

dead deer, entrails and the deer cam.

Ok, it's been a good long while since we utilized the dead around here. If you wish not to see a hunted buck, his innards, and all that, try back in a day or so.
So about a week ago, A heard the sound of a shotgun blast.
Not too unusual as we live in the woods, and it's deer season and all. But when he headed up to do barn chores, he spotted a hunter very close to our property with a deer kill.
The Hunter was nervous that he would be diffcult, or against hunting, or something. He and A had a nice chat and everything was fine.
He called me from the barn to tell me the news.
I did what any other sane Mommy would do, we headed up there!
I talked to the kids, told them what to possibly expect, and they were rearing to go.
They were not mad, grossed out, or even a bit reluctant.
You can tell that by the racing to the scene.....

We freaked the hunter out, as the kids were approaching, rapidly, he was doing his best to stand in front of the creature while nervously spouting " Hi, I have a dead deer here! Call your kids!"
I was calmly wandering up there with " I know, we know, they are fine about all this stuff, and really excited to see him"
He was uneasy.
But as the kids took interest in this animals story, his beautiful body, his strong antlers, all the ticks fleeing his luke warmness, some where in all that, he relaxed.
I tried to take a decent, most non bloody shot that I could.

He really was beautiful. We have never noticed how his colors, grays, browns, tans, reds, and whites, meld into each other so perfectly. Or that the horns near the base have this striking orange stuff there.
Is it fungus?
Anyway, we eventually pulled ourselves away so the hunter could finish field dressing him.
When I went up later to feed the animals at the barn lunch, I noticed a lot of Vultures in the trees at the kill site. Thats when I noticed the pile of innards left behind.
Now around here, innards and remains are gold!
My synapse, my only one I am sure, let out a snap, crackle, pop.
It was rather funny, because we had a family of vegetarians over just then, these guys in fact.
And Odie, that scurvy dog, kept dragging around intestines, and testicles, making quite a scene.
That's always fun times,

at a playdate...
Anyway, just around dark the kids and I strapped our beloved camera to a tree there, and the wait was on.
Would it be a raccoon, fox. coyote, possum, bobcat, or a weasel?
The next morning, bright and early, A brought the contraption down.
It said we had a ton of images!
captured a

Red Tailed Hawk,

just filling his belly!
Well, at least it wasn't another opossum!
But one day, I would just like a fox, or coyote, or pretty please a bob cat!
All in all, it's the mystery, suspense, and the big reveal that we all love.
And close up shots of Natures full circle is pretty amazing too.


Stephanie said...

:) He was panickin' 'cause he was expecting wailing kids and a dressing down from a Mama. Funny.

Kim said...

Play dates with you guys are never dull...and that's why we love 'em! Bloody testicles and all! :) Cool shots of the Red Tailed Hawk!

Madeline Rains said...

Wow! I sure picked the right time and partner with which to start reading blogs again. Gillen is with me and we are so impressed with that deer and with the deer can shot of the hawk!! Amazing. I love that you ran there with your kids. Gillen thinks that the orange is from the deer rubbing against bark and accumulating pollen stains. I have no idea.

Love 2B Homeschoolers said...

Deercam...that is AWESOME.

julie said...

Too cool. Although it reminds me of the guys who used to hunt in Maryland. I remember seeing a dead deer hanging out behind my friends house.