Thursday, November 26, 2009

Worthy of thanks

I am thankful for all the obvious things in my life.
But, I am also thankful for these creatures. They bring happiness to my soul seeing them mingling about here on the creek. Their mere presence is a joyful thing if you think about it. We are lucky to be able to enjoy them. Animals, even regular old livestock, bring you down a notch. They fill your heart with a compassion that taking care of a something that relies solely on your state of responsibility and love, can.

They can't feed themselves, protect themselves, pour their own water. They don't listen to commands, or lick you like a dog would. So they are hopeful that you see their inner soul, the true beauty of them just being,

that would spark you to go on to continue to care about something that has not much to give you, if you don't want them for their meat.
We are grateful for each one of their personalities, and annoying traits, their questionable smells, and runny poops.

We'll take it all.
Because interacting with them is something wonderful to behold. And man, the foundation they are providing my children with is something I can never repay. Their worth to us is ten fold. The lessons we have learned, the miracles we have seen, the new life steaming in the morning light,

the little peeps inside a closed shell.
This is what maters.
To us.

We are thankful for this.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

E hearts bandaids

Friday, November 20, 2009

K, NYC, and Cirque Du Soleil

My good friend Steph, offered me a day in NYC to see Cirque.
How can you possibly pass that up?
Well, you can't.
She only had 2 tickets, and I have three equally loved, deserving kids.
I played fair, kept my mouth shut, and waited to see how it would all play out,
M was at her grandparents for a two day spoil fest.
I asked if E wanted to go to Daddy's work and eat Doughnuts, of course he did.
I told K that I had a surprise lined up for him and I on Saturday and left it at that.
He was pretty good about waiting, and did not bombard me with a thousand questions.
We got up around 6:30 to eat breakfast and were on the road by 7:30.
I was babbling while driving about what a great day we were going to have, and that we are going out for lunch with our friends, and that we were going to NYC!
And I look in the rear view to see the contorted face of a crying boy.
What! What did I say?
Is he hurt?
I dunno...
I start trying to figure out how all of this wonderfulness has caused such sudden, deep sadness.
Finally he says I miss E, I want him to be with me and the fun.
That was too sweet, and now I feel like a big turd for picking one, and leaving the others sort of clueless.
And of the position I had put K in.
I knew there was going to be hell to pay after the cat was out of the bag, but I wasn't expecting this so soon.
We talked about how E was in for a special day with Dad, and how it was thoughtful, and how much he loves his little bro.
I don't know how I got such a sweet pea, but I did.
When we arrived at our friends and got into to their car, he was feeling much better!
I was not allowed to take any pictures of the actual outstanding performance but here is the rest of our day!:

AND I found another Ripley's believe it or not museum.
On the same street that Mary Poppin's production is playing!
I think you know what's gonna go down soon....

We came home to eat cake and wish Grandma a very happy birthday.

It was a stelar day among great friend's, such opportunities, and memories that will last us a long time.

And it was just me and my boy, and you can't beat that.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Native American Museum

We learned of a trip that was going to gear up to go here.
This place has been on our radar for some time, and since you just can't beat a group rate, we signed up!
It was a great place.
Here is our tour in pictures:

I think I love the field trips even more than the kids. There are so many amazing places to visit. And it doesn't get more hands on than that!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Project terrarium

We had an old fish tank in the garage, and since I dismantled the salt water set up, I had a pretty nice light sysytem just lying around.
What could one do?
Well tell me, really, what is cooler than carnivorous plants?
Not much, we suspected.
So I read all I could about substrate, and light values, and what could coexist nicely.
We decided on Sundews and Butterwarts (pings), and a pitcher plant.
And I wanted some air plants ( Tilandsia) to fill it out on the vertical levels.
So I poured over this website, picked some beauties, and we began tank prep!
And so it began by glueing down the backing,

Those clever kids thought of using the books to weigh it down so it would not bubble!
The long awaited arrival!

Stage one, looking bare,

Post Tilandsia, much better!

inhabitant shots,

Little moss carpets have begun to grow along the base of the plants. I am really hoping it will make a lush carpet of green.
How pretty would that be?
We can't wait to watch these plants reproduce and fill out.
It really is a gorgeous thing to stare vacuously in, and it's carnivorous!
Can't beat that!
We now discuss the very high probability of carnivorous bog gardens outside this year.
Hell yeah.