Tuesday, October 27, 2009


We took a bit of a ride to go to the Wolf Conservation center.
It was an amazing experience, and a sound I won't easily forget.
First we chatted about wolves in general.

Then the fun began. We howled,

and howled some more,
Then out from beyond the trees, the howls were returned!
Let me tell you about how eerily beautiful and wild, and soul stirring that noise was.
I teared up, but no one noticed.
I am a dork like that though.
We trekked up to where the four educational ambassador wolves were held, and howled some more.

They had over thirty wolves on site. Mostly Mexican and Red wolves. However, they were being kept from humans, as they were hopefully going to be reintroduced into the wild and needed to keep their fear of humans.
We were able to observe wolf pack behavior and ask a slew of wolf questions.

I had a ton, but needed to refrain to give the kids a chance to ask some.
Pesky kids...

It was an outstanding day in the woods with my kids, their friends, and some wolves.
But we weren't done yet.
No siree, Bob.
We were going off to the big city zoo!
That's another post.
Maybe later.


Stephanie said...

How lovely!
I probably would have cried, too. :)
I think wolves are probably my favorite mammal.

Me said...

How very crazy that you would post this right now, since this is what we were supposed to be doing tonight...visiting the wolves at the wolf center here and getting them to howl. I opted to not have us go since the dark/wolves coupled with a certain someone's anxiety would have probably ended in chaos...but how lovely to experience it here with you. Minus the chaos. :)

Elemental Handcrafts said...

Just so you know, I got teary eyed too and was hoping no one noticed. Glad I'm not the only one!