Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Next we headed to Toronto. I was a typical big city feel. There was a lot of markets with fresh local produce available. Canada is very into local, and farmers market, and environmental impacts. It was nice to see. Unlike the U.S., they actually have recycling bins in the hotel rooms. When on vacation in America you can just throw your recyclables out because I guess it's fun to have a few days off?
Anyway, we got busy.
We walked a couple of blocks down from our room to explore the St. Lawrence Market.
It was loaded with tons of multi ethic culinary delights.

After our visual food immersion, We sat down for a bite and a cold canada beer.

I decided to try this pea meal ham/bacon sandwich.
Basically, it was this ham with some sort of crunchy pea meal on a roll.
No condiments.
It was dry and salty.
But interesting.
We marched on back to snooze because tomorrow was a big day.
Oh hell yes,

Canada's Wonderland!
It's basically perhaps a bit more glorified version of a 6 flags. But you get to hear people scream and squeal in French!
Bummer because at this time of year, they are only open on weekends. So it was crowded for us.
The kids were like "aren't these Canada kids in school yet?"
Spoiled in this life already.
Here we go!

BUT, this was not the end of our grand day in Toronto.
No sir!
We were off to a dinner performance of the medieval kind.

Yep, it was a sit down feast at Medieval times!
There was Jousting

A fairy tale story of sorts

Sword fights, and other loud brutality.

We have been to one before, but the kids totally did not remember, maybe 3 years ago, in Myrtle beach. S.C.
So it was fun to do it all again.
I love that sort of stuff, and luckily my kids are on the same page.
We had a great time exploring Toronto.
Next up, Ottawa!

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