Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Let's finish up Canada already. I am pretty good at getting side tracked.
See, I even side track myself. But you know, not all who wander are lost....
Anyway, this was Montreal!
We took a horse carriage ride around Old Montreal with an alcoholic, cheap beer drinking guide, with missing teeth. With his drink induced slurs, lisps from missing teeth, and french accent, we had no clue what he was saying. :>)

Also, at first when I asked what his horse's name was, he told me it was Monica Lewinsky! But then later he was calling her Marilyn Monroe....hmmm..
Here were some pretty old buildings,

I have no idea what they were because of aforementioned issues.
After the nice carriage ride, we got some ice cream,

wandered around,

and went back to the hotel to sleep!
The next morning we hit the Notre Dame Basillica.
You would not know from the outside, even though it was a nice structure,

What a beautiful Church it was on the inside! It was amazing.


We have never gone to church, so although my kids know lots about many religions, we don't claim any organized type.
M saw all the candles lit and wanted to light one herself. I gave her the background on why they were lit, and that she could proceed with that as she waned to.

Afterwards, she came and told me, that she asked God that she wanted him or her to put her in a good place in this world, so she could help whatever way she could in this life.
Pretty thoughtful for a 7 year old.

Interesting tidbit, this organ has about 7,000 pipes!


Just to give you a size reference, this Cathedral can seat 3,000 and hold an additional 1,500 standing.

It was magnificent. This reminded me of visiting the ancient mosques in Turkey, particularly, the Blue Mosque. There is just something so peaceful and calming about all the purple, blue, gold hues, the stained glass, and the smell of incense.
But, of course, we had some more adventuring to do, we left that place of beauty and caravanned to the Montreal Biodome!

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