Thursday, October 29, 2009

Montreal, The Biodome.

Well, when we learned about the existence of this place, we knew it would be a hit!
And of course, we loved it.
Here's a smattering:

After filling our noggins full of that goodness, we decided to head home!
We had a brilliant final day in Montreal. Canada was awesome, a road trip to remember. We'd like to see some other parts in the future for sure.
We have put it on our list!
So we meandered home. Trusty Mr. Tom Tom gave us a pleasant surprise.
A car ferry over Lake Champlain, from the upstate NY side over to the VT side!

Gotta love a good, surprise car ferry ride!
Anyway, that led us into Burlington, VT.
Which is MY kind of town.

Would love to explore VT some more as well.
So I hopped on my trusty phone which is outfitted with YELP.
We were in need of some good sustenance.

Yelp led us straight to Flatbread.
This place was outstanding, and let me tell ya about the beer....

The kids loved checking out the Distillery.

If ever in these parts, don't miss the opportunity.
And that wraps up our Canadian road trip!

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Stephanie said...

More fabulousness!
What an amazing trip.
So awesome.