Monday, October 5, 2009

Leyla's birthing day!

So let me lead up by saying we have missed the last two goat births that have happened here.
We missed Leyla's first, and then Mini's, and we were still supposed to be in Canada, but there was rain, and so we got to catch this one.
It was quite apparent when I went up to do barn chores in the morning that Leyla, although she tried hard to hide it, she was uncomfortable.
Lots of wanting to back inside, lots of laying down and getting up, lots of long blinking. I have no idea if these are normal labor signs, but I knew my girl was not herself, she was as big as a cow. Now I am no rocket scientist, but I thought I might be on to something here.
So I stayed around and cleaned buckets, and pens, tidied and swept, anything to kill time and watch her. When I saw things moving along, longer, harder contractions with signs of her pushing, I ran down to the house to tell A and the kids.

We hung around and watched.
We gloved up and felt around.
We waited and waited,
Finally some loud vocalizations from Leyla,

She was pushing so hard and for a long time nothing seemed to happen.
I was really worried the kid wasn't in a good position.

Finally the sac with the first little goat started to appear.

The human kids were fascinated of course, because really all that is quite magical, no matter what species delivers.
It was so great to use the flash light to illuminate this small kid inside the bubble of water.

It was just so weirdly wonderful.
Poor Leyla was pushing with all she had, but the kid wasn't moving out much. A, being the kind, sweet, wonderful, loving soul that he is, helped the baby and mama unite

a little bit faster.
With that little bit of assistance, that baby came right on out

with a splat!
Look at how big that boy is!
No wonder she had such a hard time!
So that was Lucky's entry into the world. As she licked him clean and made sure he was ok, new sets of contractions ensued.
The anticipation was on!

Would it be a boy or girl? What color?
We did not have to wait long, in just a few short pushes out popped Fizz!
Both are boys, and are mini me's of their parents. Lucky is just like his mom, and fizz, so much like his dad.
I am trying to persuade A to let me keep them.
Or at least lucky. He is SO FRIGGIN CUTE.
But the problem is the kids like fizz and so we just need to keep them. We are going to rehome Mini and her baby girl, so I don't really see the problem.
But you know men, so darn practical.
We'll see....


Heart Rockin Mama said...

Such a cute, and sweet, and exciting, and monumental, and unforgettable an experience for you all.
I vote for keeping them, in case you couldn't guess!

Rosemarie said...

That is pretty amazing. Hope we get to meet them.

Andrea said...

That is just beautiful! Thank you for sharing. Oh, I would have a very time letting them go!

Stephanie said...

Congrats on getting to see it!
And help, even. :)

Shel said...

Fabulous! So glad that they (finally) arrived and all are well. What a gift to get to be there to witness it!. A magical experience indeed!