Thursday, September 3, 2009

Not back

This week is back to school week for many children across the nation.
Not mine.
And this is most excellent.
We did not do anything terribly exciting, although we will attend a big picnic next week with fellow learn at home'rs.
We did not get into a new rhythm, or put noses to the grind stone.
But we did appreciate eating breakfast together, in our jammies, at 9. We listened to M read us pages from Diary Of a Wimpy Kid. We dug fossils out of plaster,

we baked, we met and approved of a couple to adopt our baby boy goat. We tangramed away while listening to finding truth in/or the debunking of greek myths.

We feel the crisp air and dying tall grasses among us, and note that a new season has begun for us, for the earth.
K is all about habitats this week.
M reading.
E learning letters.
It's self driven and intense at times, waxing and waning as other things pull them away.
We vowed out loud, to each other, to visit the library more.
We look forward to visiting Canada.
We look forward to the winter, and our annual journey inward.
It's almost time to breathe in, and dwell inward for a while.
I wonder what each of us will discover there?


Stephanie said...

I love the going within when the cold comes.
But I am loving this wild and outside place, too. :)

MamaTea said...

I do adore this time of year. Glad you had such a lovely day of "not back".

juliepersons said...

Yay for not back to school! :-)