Monday, September 14, 2009

here be me

I am still here, haven't died, not in a foreign country (yet), or any such sort of occasion.
I, my freinds have been taking it easy, following the ebb and flow of our days.

My kids have been super busy in the mornings lately, and then it's lunch.

and then I have to do something with the house because it isn't pretty by then.
And you never just can tell when Dept of child welfare will show up to check on the freaky homeschoolers.
I think?
The kids have been liking to do little projects lately. So that has been floating our boats when we are home.
We mostly have been playing around with MBTP stuff.

They are so diggin it, and it's been getting us to the library more and getting the kids interested in so many new things.

All good, says I.
I have been trying to figure out some way to keep the house in pretty good shape.
Turns out, the only way to do this is to actually clean everyday.
Take a day off and you are screwed.
Not fair.
The kids have been obsessed with riding their bikes


at the top of the drive way on our street.

They have gotten to be really good riders and our long drive way is baby stuff now.
All three are starting skating lessons tomorrow.
That should be fun. I really hope they all like it.
I remember skating when I was a kid, and it was so much fun. I am fairly certain that K will adore it, M when she gets kind of good, and Ev is a crap shoot for sure!
So we are preparing for our big drive to spend a week in Canada.
I love road trips.
LOVE them.
The first night, to reward ourselves for 8 hours in the car, we are spending a fun fab water filled night at the Great wolf Lodge water park/hotel.
The kids are going to be so excited!
We are going to see so many cool places, and eat poutin.
With some sort of ice cold canadian beer.
We will go to Canada's wonderland.
I am going to order a Canadian bacon, egg, and cheese.
We will ride the maid of the mist at the bottom of the falls.
We have all kinds of canadian things planned.
You will kindly help me hold out luck that Leyla the big fat preggo goat will not birth her babies with in this week.
AND then two days after our return to the state side, The Heart Rockin Family will spend the weekend here with us down at the creek!
Now that, Folks, is some kind of wonderful thing!


Heart Rockin Mama said...

I can't wait. And so help me if I don't see me some baby goats!
(OMG, might she have them while we are there?!!!)

mamak said...

Totally a possibility!

Amber said...

Oh welcome back, i have wondered how life is there..xx