Thursday, August 6, 2009

Yesterday was so great!

Days like yesterday are so rewarding.
We thoroughly enjoyed life.
It was hot, but no matter.
We spent it with friends, in beautiful surroundings, a sweet treat in the heat, and a surprise about Dino's!
How awesome is that?
 See, first we headed out to plant science day, at a place in a nearby town that we never knew existed.
Best part is, we met with a boat load of friends!
Kids got their passports, 
which they got stamped at different stations that provided info on Asian longhorn beetles
honey bee's, bluebirds, deer ticks, earthworms, amaranth, interesting topics like that.
In between visiting the booths, we checked out some lovely ponds
and of course had a picnic in the shade!
 We spied invasive aquatic species
learned the difference between a sparrows nest and a bluebirds.
Then we happened upon a friendly fire truck!
 In they went!
 And hung out with the firefighters
for a long time.
Then after being in the 90 degree sun for almost 4 hours, we headed out for ice cream!
 Honestly, what else could we do?
We headed home for a quick shower and a change of clothes, and headed out to surprise the kids. They were guessing, and guessing the whole hour long ride up there about what it could be. But we stayed mum. So we walked around and they started looking for clues. Here is where they got a BIG hint.
Aww yeah!
From Pangea to the big bang!
We saw all the periods
and the dinos that came with them.
It was an amazing show.
If it comes to your city, 
or a close-ish one,
You just gotta love a day like that.
Good times!


Stephanie said...

A fine day, indeed!
Love the surprise bug/park place. Can't beat that.
The show was here in January, but we didn't go... wasn't sure if it was worth the million dollars.
Maybe I'll consider it if it comes back by again.

Happy day to you!

mamak said...

We got a good deal on tickets through a homeschool group buy. Our tickets were 28 ea. Not so bad! There were cheaper ones too. It was worth the price we paid.I wouldn't have paid more that 35though. It was really nicely done.

Ruralmama said...

Wow, that looked really awesome. My girls would love that show, but I think it already passed us by. Maybe it's going to come through again?

I love those surprise nature days too.