Monday, August 24, 2009


We tried to fix my sweet and useful friend, Mac.
Spent 2 hours with support, and 3 reloading the software, and it appears that my ethernet card or some such has pooped out.
But that means, that I did not screw up my comp, as some people who I will be kind enough not to mention had suspected.
Anyway, it's all under warranty and we will bring it in to be serviced and all will be good and right again.
As it should be.
So anyway, we have been having a great past few days. The weather has been crisp in the mornings and eves. That's kind of swell. But I feel like we should have a bit more hotness, Maybe we can be graced with a native american summer. I want to look up that saying so I can finally understand it's relation to extended warmness.
And so I just did.
So, we are headed out on Friday morning to Massachussettes, to meet old friends and new, and have a grand old time at the unschooling conference.
We are so excited!
The kids, mostly for hotel living.
We got very little effects from Hurricane Bob.
Some pretty skies,
and a bit of rain for the kids to thoroughly enjoy.
Well, now I can't seem to copy/paste on this comp! Besides the first pic I had to copy the text using sticky keys and cntrl c to pic the text around the photo.
You can't do anymore because you cant copy the pics with in the text.
Does anyone know why copy and paste is doing this to me.
Well, I will be back to posting again. Hopefully with some pics... I can say though, that I truly did enjoy the excuse of a broken comp to take a bit of a technology break. It's been good in some ways.
I have eeked out a new schedule for myself with some time limits, and that is refreshing. Sometimes you just have to mix up your schedule some to put more "accomplishments" in your day.
Oh, we headed out on a saturday to the aquarium.
It was crowded.
I will be so grateful when the children who go to school in a box, go back.
Because I am very selfish, and want all the cool places to be all ours again.
At least the Octopus was out.
I got a great pic, but, alas...
We shopped a bit at the quaint village next door and indulged in flavor blasted Ice cream.
And we ate yummy Lobster rolls on the way up.
What a day!
So damn good, and buttery.
That really should be the motto of our life, shouldn't it?
Please send geeky comp help.

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Stephanie said...

Glad you're all safe and that Mac is heading to the doctor.
Another meet! How exciting!