Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Well, I repaired the connection.
But the next time I signed on, I was in the land of the lost again...
Funny thing is I don't remember what I did to fix it. I was just kicking back with a nice glass of ginger beer, lime, and a nice generous pour of rum, and some how I got it to work.
Ah, I see the error of my ways, must have drinky to fix Mac'y
Anyway, besides the photos that I wanted to post, nothing much too terribly exciting is happening. We went Blueberry picking, and ended up with 7 lbs. Made lots of very yummy things.
It's been very hot, so we have been in the best ever hundred dollar pool, very much.
The kids got some plants for their rooms.
This made them so happy!
A bought a beat up farm truck, and we adore it.
We are about a week away from immersing ourselves in unschooly bliss at the NEU conference!
The kids are most excited, because the kids are so chill there.
and everybody is happy.
I am planning a week vacation for us into Canada.
O, Canada!
Niagra falls, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, then home!
I am excited, I love, LOVE road trips. Probably only because I hate, HATE flying.
Everybody and everything, except my beloved computer is just dandy.
I really think I will resort to geek squad, or whatever those all knowing comp docs are calling themselves.
It's a tad to early for rum, but I will go and see if I can work my magic on getting me back on line.
Maybe you'll "see" me soon?

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Three Mommies said...

Poopy computer! Maybe you should give it some rum!