Thursday, August 27, 2009

another day of adventures

We hooked up with our exploration loving posse, and headed out to Action Wildlife. It was a nice breezy day, and it was swell to be free and wander and delve into things. They had changed quite a bit from our last years excursion. They made a lovely giant room display. They had tons of antlers and interesting facts strewn about. In addition to bottle feeding baby pigs, goats and sheep, we were treated by some hot lovin' tortoise style.
Today, we stumbled upon some sort of police training/test on bikes. They had a speed test, agility with cones, the whole bit.
One guy did pretty well, the other fell twice.
We moved on.
and played Jenga.
And cleaned and packed for the conference tomorrow.
And there is 35 candles on MamaK's cake tonight.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Summer day

Lazy days of friends.
Side walk chalk..
Popping corn.
Playin cards.
Rolling down the hilly green lawn together.
With squeals.
Great day.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Monday, August 24, 2009


We tried to fix my sweet and useful friend, Mac.
Spent 2 hours with support, and 3 reloading the software, and it appears that my ethernet card or some such has pooped out.
But that means, that I did not screw up my comp, as some people who I will be kind enough not to mention had suspected.
Anyway, it's all under warranty and we will bring it in to be serviced and all will be good and right again.
As it should be.
So anyway, we have been having a great past few days. The weather has been crisp in the mornings and eves. That's kind of swell. But I feel like we should have a bit more hotness, Maybe we can be graced with a native american summer. I want to look up that saying so I can finally understand it's relation to extended warmness.
And so I just did.
So, we are headed out on Friday morning to Massachussettes, to meet old friends and new, and have a grand old time at the unschooling conference.
We are so excited!
The kids, mostly for hotel living.
We got very little effects from Hurricane Bob.
Some pretty skies,
and a bit of rain for the kids to thoroughly enjoy.
Well, now I can't seem to copy/paste on this comp! Besides the first pic I had to copy the text using sticky keys and cntrl c to pic the text around the photo.
You can't do anymore because you cant copy the pics with in the text.
Does anyone know why copy and paste is doing this to me.
Well, I will be back to posting again. Hopefully with some pics... I can say though, that I truly did enjoy the excuse of a broken comp to take a bit of a technology break. It's been good in some ways.
I have eeked out a new schedule for myself with some time limits, and that is refreshing. Sometimes you just have to mix up your schedule some to put more "accomplishments" in your day.
Oh, we headed out on a saturday to the aquarium.
It was crowded.
I will be so grateful when the children who go to school in a box, go back.
Because I am very selfish, and want all the cool places to be all ours again.
At least the Octopus was out.
I got a great pic, but, alas...
We shopped a bit at the quaint village next door and indulged in flavor blasted Ice cream.
And we ate yummy Lobster rolls on the way up.
What a day!
So damn good, and buttery.
That really should be the motto of our life, shouldn't it?
Please send geeky comp help.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Oh I did it!

Somehow, I got on!
Sans rum, so I am going to post those photos in case I am off again for a while when I sign off.
That's what happened the last time, grr..
So anyway. The weather has been great and we have been outside lots. I can't believe, some of the trees in the woods are turning yellow, some red even. Theye are leaves on the road going up to the barn, and some in the drive way. It's inevitable. Fall is nearer than I'd like.
When A retires, I'd like to move where we have more spring and summer. Maybe the mountains of NC near Tenessee.
I was reminded yet again by the universe to enjoy the moment fully, whatever I may be doing.
While feeding the animals the other night at the barn, a baby chick got under foot of the horse and was crushed to death right in front of me.
It was horrible.
I just stared mouth agape.
I eventually went to the bird to hold it. It died seconds later.
The horse went on eating, she did not even realize she snuffed out poor little hen.
It was a freak event.
But to see something loose it's life. Just like that. Is sobering. Because life is life. And it can be over for any of us.
Just. Like.That.
Then to sink the concept deeper into my consciousness, Ev bashed his head on a rock at a birthday party yesterday.
Luckily, my boy has a thick skull. But playing merrily on the rocks one second, can easily be brain injury the next.
I saw the whole thing, did not have time to warn him that his jump would put him on a slick moss covered rock. I watched him flop on his back, and his head crack back on the rock.
Sometimes you land all right, sometimes you don't.
Live fully in the present.
The past is gone, and no longer really counts.
The future, no matter how much you plan and bank on it, does not really exist, and may never fully realize.
We only live in the now.
Enjoy the now.
I am also in a weird uncomfy place food wise.
I see and understand the value of all life. I know small farmers( if they are kind) and our animals live a great life, and when we did kill them to eat, we did so with respect and a bit of sadness. Big meat biz, just slaughters them, no cares for the animals welfare or perception of pain and fear, they live in horrid conditions, workers joke around casually as they take an animals life ( maybe it's a coping mechanism?), and the other animals watch and wait there turn.
I am deeply saddened and disturbed by this.
We have not eaten our chickens after the first foray in processing.
I think ultimately I will be a vegetarian. Lately, I am just having a hard time eating meat. It's been a while since I have. I am learning new recipes, and sooooo..
My kids are doing great. They are such dynamic, wonderful people with rich interests and a deep desire to explore. I can't believe how kids are treated all around us. Like they have no valid opinions, beliefs. That their thoughts and desires are small, and somehow hold very little value.
Not my kids.
Have they ever really spoke and truly listened to a child? I think they would be blown away by what they understand, and what they are capable of when given some reign and trust.
Sometimes I see kids being so berated, humiliated, disrespected, physically harmed.
This is an unacceptable way to treat other adults, and in some cases punishable by law, but it's ok to do to someone under 18, someone who unconditionally loves you?
It is so maddening.
Sometimes I want to stand up, be the voice for the child who is getting screamed at in the store. Who gets violently jerked around, to meet someone elses needs at the moment.
Partenership people.
Not because I said so, not because I told you to, not because ......
I love this life. I am so grateful I chose this path. I could never imagine sending them away everyday to be forced to learn at others paces, and things that they are not interested in at this time. Not to be one of the herd.What a way to wreck all the possible things that they have such passion for.
And for the wonderful people that we are connected with, in life, in here.
So grateful.
I was reminded the other day about the most amazing quote by Wayne Dyer
" When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change"
and then I found this post, and again, the meaning of our short time made sense for a moment.
Sometimes you get a glimpse.
Ok, ok, ok, see what happens when you see a poor animal suddenly die. She changed my whole being. Her life was not for naught. She was a big stepping stone on my journey.
Pictures then!
Well, my comp lost the connection and won't let me back on ( I'm on A's), soooooo, no pictures for you..
I would post them through this one, but silly me uploaded them all to Mac, and now has none to post from here.
Maybe my wifi ethernet card went bad? Or whatever that thing is called.
I'll have A call Apple. I would do it, but I get the people on the other end so damn confused.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Well, I repaired the connection.
But the next time I signed on, I was in the land of the lost again...
Funny thing is I don't remember what I did to fix it. I was just kicking back with a nice glass of ginger beer, lime, and a nice generous pour of rum, and some how I got it to work.
Ah, I see the error of my ways, must have drinky to fix Mac'y
Anyway, besides the photos that I wanted to post, nothing much too terribly exciting is happening. We went Blueberry picking, and ended up with 7 lbs. Made lots of very yummy things.
It's been very hot, so we have been in the best ever hundred dollar pool, very much.
The kids got some plants for their rooms.
This made them so happy!
A bought a beat up farm truck, and we adore it.
We are about a week away from immersing ourselves in unschooly bliss at the NEU conference!
The kids are most excited, because the kids are so chill there.
and everybody is happy.
I am planning a week vacation for us into Canada.
O, Canada!
Niagra falls, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, then home!
I am excited, I love, LOVE road trips. Probably only because I hate, HATE flying.
Everybody and everything, except my beloved computer is just dandy.
I really think I will resort to geek squad, or whatever those all knowing comp docs are calling themselves.
It's a tad to early for rum, but I will go and see if I can work my magic on getting me back on line.
Maybe you'll "see" me soon?

Friday, August 14, 2009

busy ass week

Insane week, all good!
Except one little bit.
Julie and Ryan and the whole gang are gone....
They slept over last night, and that was nice, and we saw them off this morning, and that was nice to give our hugs good bye.
But sniff, no friends right down the road anymore.
They are living at the bottom of the map, and then to who knows where?
But other than processing loss, we have had a dreamy week.
Visiting a trout farm
playing lots,
dying hair wild colors
Family sleep over ( julie and ryans)
And just so much good stuff.
Busy little bumble bee's have I.
'cept here is the sticky wicket. K magically disconnected my comp from the wireless network and it is off line until we call India to figure out how to fix it. So I may have to install itunes on this comp to get the pictures off of handy, jack of all trades,i phone. Except this is hubby's comp and I am not supposed to pollute his comp.
So pictures hopefullly in a few days...
If not, it's me hijacking A's thing.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Best ever potluck!

Yep, and we hauled our wheat berry salad all the way there!
 I don't know even how to put it all here in mere descriptive words.
 It was incredibly fun.
 The kids were fabulous.
It was such a treat to be surrounded by people who totally get it, and give off such good vibes.
AND We had a sleepover. 
 It was something special.
 Not just a potluck.
So not.
Shall we?

they have the most beautiful spot of ocean.
And they shared it,
and we are so grateful.

Saturday, August 8, 2009


We have really been loving the last few days here! The weather has been fantastic. 
And it's about to get better!
Today, in about an hour, We are heading over to Jean's to hang out with a bunch of cool people, maybe a nice beach, perhaps exploring their salt marsh, hanging in the yard,  dunno? But we are having a sleepover with them, and I am not sure who is more excited, the kids or me?
Anyway, it will be a little road trip into another state, and we love adventures, and good food, and new towns, and cool people, and so it will be a great Saturday!
I am sure I will barrage you with photos in a few days.
Anyway, Our last few days have been:

Kind of like yours, I suspect.