Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Room fish and organization

K set up a tank in his and E's room.
 They have been pining for their own fish.
So, after letting the tank sit a bit, I promised after we returned from camping that we would fill it with alive things.
 So off we went, and each boy picked 2 fish.
 K chose a puffer, and a spotted catfish.
 E, a dalmatian molly, and a tiger barb.
While we were at the store, K picked out a storage chest thing to organize his extensive collection of stuff.
Bottle caps, pokemon, rocks, shells, calling cards, hotel room cards, special trinkets, you know, special treasures.
And he spent a whole lot of time organizing them very carefully.
He says he feels peaceful knowing that they all have their own spot, instead of being all together in various boxes.
 It's nice to feel at peace.


MamaTea said...

Ah, yes. Peace. Looks like a lovely shopping trip. Its always nice to purchase alive things, and also things that bring peace. :)

Rosemarie said...

HOw fun to have a new pet!

Stephanie said...

I know that peaceful Organized feeling!
Well,not intimately at the moment, but I remember it well!!