Thursday, July 9, 2009

Full, rich days.

Play at a sprinkler park.
 Found an old one room school house,
 with a picture of the last class of kids.
Discovered an old abandoned factory.
 Totally going to explore it when there is not a wicked lightening storm...
to explore
an artists home.
Truly awesome.
 How do you consume your days?


Stephanie said...

Did this happen in one day?

So marvelous!!

I can't imagine a more perfect day!

MamaTea said...

How fun is that??

I often get in trouble from my law enforcing husband from wanting to go explore old abandoned buildings. :)

Love the old school house...the photo of the last class is kind of haunting, in a way...

The artist's home - very cool. What full and rich days, indeed!

Anthony said...

looks like fun. was all that in Waterbury at the park?