Friday, July 17, 2009

Dino park

We geared up with some friends to head out to the Dino place in CT.
 One of the first things we did is pick an activity. M and K chose to mine for gems in the cave.
 First they had to ring the bell to get in, 
 then they mined like crazy!
 E decided to pan for gold.
 I helped him out.
 Then after the big dig,
they tried to identify their finds.
Some kind of loot!
 E struck it rich as well.
Then they got to see rocks that had special minerals that made them fluoresce under a black light.
Learned a good bit about geodes.
 Cut one open, loudly, 
to reveal the beauty.
We hiked a beautiful trail 
 full of dinosaurs

Then we hit the sprinkler park,
 and the playground.
Watched the volcano erupt
and then ate ice cream, and journeyed home.
We are just loving these amazing summer days.
We are leaving to go camping in a few hours for a couple of days. I am very excited to meet up for the first time with this lady!
 Should be good times...
Oh, before I forget, look at this guy living up at the barn. He is huge and he likes to be seen a lot.
I hope he eats mice.
And a very cool thing happened yesterday. We saw a pretty big frog get taken by a huge largemouth bass. 
It was most excellent that we got to see it happen.
You just never know what's gonna happen next!


MamaTea said...

Fantastic fun!! I'm more than slightly jealous that you're going on the big camping trip, and desperately hoping that some year its in the cards for us to attend something lovely such as that. Hope you have a rockin' good time. Take lots of pictures!!

Stephanie said...

Fabulous! Your dino park looks a lot like ours, 'cept we don't have the sprinkler fun.

Have so fun on the trip... I'm assuming with HRMama???
Big kisses to both of you from me!

Rosemarie said...

So bummed Imissed the day with all of you. Looks like youhad a lot of fun!