Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The day

Yesterday was great. The sun has been out more, although the next 3 days are rain again.
It has been feeling like summer, a little. K actually said he was hot yesterday.  I was happy!
Anyway, yesterday was a lovely one.
 Many plantings.
Watermelons, sunflowers, pumkins, cactus, sensitive plants, mustard plant ( Thanks, Tex!), Austrian pine, ede ( seeds I took from Turkey!) 
Simple quick explanations to questions asked.
Bring a container!
They shout.
 Many toadlets!
A habitat to house 4 for the summer.
Good stuff.
You know you have done the day proud,
when you get home and can see perfectly well, 
 you have used up your resources wisely.


Stephanie said...


I'm so craving a day like this.
Ours have been fun and sun, but I'm dying for experiments and astounding fetes.

Hopefully today!!

Love 2B Homeschoolers said...

“Used up your resources wisely.”

What a wonderful way to put it!