Thursday, June 11, 2009

what time?

Man, this week flew by, and we have been busy! Even though it has been raining for like 2 weeks straight we have managed to do stuff. I also have been on a major summer cleaning/purging/ de-cluttering kick. 
Its all good, but so time consuming.
 I swear that we don't buy that much stuff, but we are given many things, and then I wind up not using it, and there it sits, eating perfectly fine space where just oxygen should be.
 Oh, we were visited by a pack of coyotes. They reduced my fine chicken flock to a mere 8.
 So I borrowed an incubator, and fired it up with a bunch of eggs that I had left that were fertile.
 The wild beasts ate both of my roo's, and this is the last hope.
 I wonder what we'll get.
We can't wait for hatching day!
 They have been under incubation for 5 days, and we candled them!
 Many, to our utter joy, have life! We can see the embryo developing, a little heart fluttering and some jerky movements.
See the black dot in the lower right, that's the eye! And the light portion on the bottom is the air cell, where the chick will get it's first breath before cracking it's way out.
 This is gonna be so cool.
 I will take more pictures as they progress.
 Hmm, we are also waiting for Mini to deliver. Should be soon. When? 
I dunno.
 Remember my pregnant goat debacle of last year?
 Aren't I doing better?
But I still look for goo.
 Every day...
 We are growing a batch of crystals.
And I took a bunch of girls fishing.
 And enjoyed take out with friends.
Now if the sun would only come out, we could actually spend a lot of time outdoors.
Because, damn it,
It's supposed to be summer!


MamaTea said...

Summer seems to be escaping everyone...come on, sun! SHINE!!

I'm excited to watch the progress of the chickens. :)

And I'm glad to know that there is someone else who doesn't buy a lot, but somehow has more stuff than she needs. I thought it was just me. Hopefully you will have much luck in clearing those pockets of space where only oxygen should be.

Stephanie said...

Thanks so much for sharing the incubating process! I had no idea! So cool.

Lordy, it's been raining here for the same two weeks. We'll have a few minutes of non-rain, and then it just comes again.
Today it's blue but damned cold! sheesh.