Thursday, June 18, 2009

To the green!

I always feel so hip and with it, enjoying the variety of life and talents of those that share this planet with us, when I take to the kids into the city.
I mean, it's only a 17 minute drive from my place of recluse, but what a different world.
In many ways I fantasize living in the city with all the things going on, and places to happen upon. But then I come home and that dream rapidly evaporates.
 I am pretty sure we will spend enough time there as the kids grow. Last year, it was really hard, as E would just try and take off. 
 This time he was like 100 times better.
 So, we ventured out to hear some lovely tunes on the green. It's part of the amazing annual Arts &  Ideas festival.
 We listened to some great music, but the kids really liked watching the band breakdown.
Luckily, there was a break in the rainy pattern and it was a nice day.
 Today, well, back to the pattern.
Best of all, I was able to have nice long chats with all the cool Mamas.
 And the kids were joyfully playing free on the lovely green with other homeschooly kids.
It was a nice day.
 I have to remember to pack more foods to snack on.
I think my kids have tapeworms.....



Stephanie said...

Oooooh, tapeworms! More photo ops!

Looks like a lovely day!
I can't wait 'til our music things start up again.
Unbelievably, I didn't go at all last year-- even though there is something almost every day!!
This year, definitely!

mamak said...

GO! and ya know, I would totally take up that photo op!

MamaTea said...

Tapeworms...that makes me giggle. My kids have a habit of saying in public, "Mom, I think that tapeworm is bothering me again..." (meaning "I'm really hungry")

We get the strangest looks. :)

I'm glad you're able to enjoy the city. We also live not too far of a drive from many things city-like...but we rarely go. I know we should. But...but....but.