Saturday, June 13, 2009

Some things I have to share.

So, I have really been enjoying this blog.
She makes me think of things in a totally  fresh way. That seems to happen when I peer into the lives of others on this path.
It is a wonderful blog.
So this morning I wanted to share two articles which I read now and then when I feel I need it.
This first one is so great, and true because if someone were to ask me why I chose this path again, they might get in to a huge conversation. Ya know, Pandora's box... 
This is lovely and drives it home . 
The other one that I love is about feeling the need to break it all down and compartmentalize everything.
We don't say. for instance, "let's get this place cleaned up and then make some lunch, it's about time we home ec'd it's nearly 10 a.m!"
 Or,  "I really need to sit down and math out my monthly budget" 
Or, " let's go on a hike and explore so we can enjoy some science today!"
 I could go on.
 Oh, you know I could..


Kim said...

That's one of my favorite blogs too!

MamaTea said...

Wow! I'm honored that you like my blog! Reading your post was a boost for me because most the time, the folks I know around home in real life think I'm a bit of a nutjob rambling idiot. (Imagine that!)

Thanks for the blogland love:)