Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My surprise.

 On Father's day!
 I went up to close down the barn at 8 p.m.
Did not see Mini anywhere.
So I rounded the corner and peered into the Chicken house, and there she was, just standing.
 I get closer and look, and there is bloody goo coming out where bloody goo might come out if one were about to birth.
 So I said " Mini!, You are going into labor!"
We look at each other, and then she made a soft bahh, and then I hear an answer. My head jerked around to the right, and there they were.
 3 little tiny sweet baby goats, maybe an hour or so old.
 I was shocked, not because I missed the birth again, but that there were three!
And they are so, so, sweet. 
2 boys and a girl.
 They had a rough start. I think Mini was not sure what to do. It was apparent that they were weak and needed to nurse.
I moved them into a temporary stall until I got their suite ready. I made sure each had some nursing.
I booked back to the house to spread the joy.
I was a sleepless night for me, as the two little ones were having a hard time nursing and were still very weak. 
Thankfully, they were able to gain their strength that night as I assisted them.
 I am happy to report all are well, healthy and strong. 
The big boy, his name is Zeus. The little girl,
M named Starlight. 
The one who struggled the most does not have a for sure name yet. Don't tell any one,
but he is my favorite.
 The best part is that we were to share this day with my Parents, my Brother and his family, and mostly my 90 year old Grandma.
She loved every touch and sound. 
 It was the best.
I especially love this
You can see just so much in that picture.
It never gets old.


Kim said...

Congrats!! They are oh so sweet! Glad to hear they're doing well and that so many special people were there to share in their cool!

Stephanie said...

Happy Birth Day!

Glad things are beautiful.

Elemental Handcrafts said...

Oh congratulations!!!!!! How cute. When can we come over????????

Lynnie said...

I'm glad everything went smoothly! Pretty soon they'll be eating on their own well enough and you can get a good night's sleep again! That last picture does totally speak volumes! Congrats again! I hope soon they're thriving!

Dawn said...


MamaTea said...

Now that is an awesome surprise! They are soooo cute...and I won't tell anyone about your favorite. :)

Aw. Babies are great!

Heart Rockin Mama said...

What an amazing, amazing life you guys have!
Goats are on my wish list for someday...

julie said...

Thanks for letting us come visit them! I still can't get over how super cute they are!( My favorite is Starlight )