Monday, June 15, 2009


I'm posting!
 I honestly don't know what is happening to the time that I somehow used to have. 
 Actually, I have a hint. My kids are so darn busy right now. Not with classes or activities, but just all around busy. They are into everything in a good way, all sorts of questions, and help decoding nice big words. 
 But shhh!... She stops asking me if I get all excited and proud like.
 Stuff like that.
 The weather has been a big pile of doo. 3 weeks now, but who's counting?
 But we can not take it, and have been going out a lot anyway even if it's chilly and drizzling.
This next bit is a reminder to myself to stop lusting over a nature class in the area that is fab.
Cause it's all right here!
 K's desire for a worm farm ( researching)
A sudden interest in birds and their calls.
Chicken hatching 
At 7 days, that black dot is the eye!
 A pending goat birth, and fishing,
and tadpoles, minnow, salamander, and caddis fly larvae in our creek.
Wake up Mama! It's here for our taking.
 Anyway, my washing machine died today.
That's a drag. So I decided to do something happy to balance the negative.
A little impromptu gun buying for my boys,
and the Miley Cyrus CD for the chickie.
We capped off the night with a dance party,
and A made some crakalakin' pizza.
 Then the dog got sprayed hard core by a skunk.
 Very stinky stuff.


Stephanie said...

Love it all!
Sometimes I think "classes" and such... and then I think "What?"
I mean... really.

MamaTea said...

Sounds like an awesome time!

I hear you on the nature center classes. Its easy to get caught up in how cool they are and forget how cool your own place is. I have that same habit.

Must. Remember. Cool. Backyard...