Friday, June 26, 2009

Late nights

My Brother, his most awesome Wife, and THE sweet baby Connor
have been visiting this week and so we have been hanging late.
One of the best nights of course 
 an ice cream
 run for all.
With full sugar fueled bellies, the boys were ready for a magical hunt.
The weather with it's infinite wetness, has made the toads come out in droves. We geared up in rain jackets, grabbed flashlights, and my brother followed them around in the car to further provide light, and the pursuit was on.
 The boys were so happy that they glowed!
It was toad city and the boys had such a haul.
 All around there were the random rhythmic lights of the fire fly.
It was simply spectacular.


Kim said...

Okay,I am SO doing this soon! Maybe tonight if the storms clear out. How awesome!

MamaTea said...

Glowing children and tons of toads...oh my!! Looks like a great time.

Must have dessert now. Your ice cream run made me hungry....