Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The first lost tooth

 If even if it was pulled out by the dentist,
the tooth fairy doesn't mind!
All she knows is that there is a beacon coming from a tooth,
 somewhere under a pillow.
What shall she bring?
Wait and see!


Stephanie said...

First one!
At Trev's first he said "Everyone knows the tooth fairy brings $5 per tooth!"
I was like "What!?!"
and then my friends daughter got $20!!


No quarters or dimes for these kids! lol

mamak said...

We generally do fives as well (sucker!) and like a matchbox or some such. Our tooth fairy is a real dingbat and brings candy sometimes as well...

Kim said...

How cool! He must be super excited to go to bed tonight! We are also huge suckers and do $5 per tooth...and he currently has 2 hanging by a thread (and lost 4 already). He's gonna make out good pretty soon! How'd K do with the pulling? That was a big tooth!

MamaTea said... tooth fairy should probably bump it up a bit, eh? Our tooth fairy brings $2 a tooth. When my grandma heard that she rolled her eyes and said my kids were spoiled. I told her she needed to get out more, because I was pretty sure our tooth fairy was shootin' pretty low on the pay scale....

WAHOO on the first tooth...what an exciting time!

A tooth fairy that brings candy. I LOVE that. Sounds like something I would do:) Nothin' like job security!!

Love 2B Homeschoolers said...

In our house the tooth fairy left $10 for the first tooth, and only $1 per tooth after that, but always leaves a little extra for pulled teeth :-)

The best is when my kids leave notes for the tooth fairy and s/he writes back really, really teeny. Did you know what the male one said they do with all those teeth? They turn them into stars ;-)

mamak said...

Coleen! That is just awesome, I have never thought of multiple multi gendered tooth fairies! Brilliant!