Sunday, June 28, 2009

First Ball Game

My Brother was a big baseball fan growing up. Yearly season tickets to the Met's, the whole bit.
 So he suggested we all go check out the new Citi field, and take the kids to the ball game.
It was their first time riding the subway as well. On our way to the field, on the #7, we had a train delay, and the train stopped in front of an old warehouse that was COVERED in the most glorious graffiti I have seen in a long time.
It truly was a piece of art. We got a good long look. It was great.
 The stadium was awesome, I vaguely remember the old Shea stadium and this was such a contrast. Their is food everywhere. Good food.
 But we dined bleacher style.
Beer and hot
The kids loved all the cheering, and dancing and other basebally stuff they have you do there.
K said it was his best day ever.
Which is surprising because he is not a fan of sports.
So the game....
I just want my friend Tony, who is a big sport fan, to know that not all was lost on me.
 He was worried about that.
I was made to understand that two great pitchers were at the game, and that Pujols was there. I was disappointed that he did not slam one, so I could watch the big apple spin. But the Mets did win and that was exciting.
 I may not have appreciated the significance of this game, but I understood the magic.
 Tony, I understood.
 Kind of.
Anyways, we had a great day. We were out of our ordinary, it was an adventure, and it was fun.
 We headed back to my Parent's, picked up Great Grandma,
and had an 11 month old Birthday party for Connor!
 He will be back in Hawaii for his first, so we had to have a little thing here before they leave.
 Such a cute kid!
 I wish they lived closer.

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Love 2B Homeschoolers said...

I took the 7 train INTO Manhattan every weekday for 13 years of my life!

And there is no apostrophe in METS!