Monday, June 22, 2009

Eggy update

Found the smelly egg! There was a smell coming from the incubator for many days and it was getting worse.
 I knew there was a bad egg.
I tried to sniff them, but it was not conclusive.
Then the other day there was a cracked shell with bubbly horrible liquid.
Of course, we felt the desire to take it outside and crack it open.
 It was nasty. As you can see, there was black chunky masses and a white milky liquid.
 Oh, and the smell!
 It was like one of those horrid glass stink bombs you had as a kid.
 Just like it!
 kinda amusing.
 To me.
Well, the eggs have officially entered their 3rd and  final trimester.
7 days in each trimester. 
The temperature in the incubator has to be watched like a hawk now.
Multiple times daily.
The developing fetuses are now producing some heat of their own, and it gets my preset temp to rise too high.
If it remains high and unchecked too long, buh bye chickies.
 And we would be so, so sad.
So, I check for life multiple times a day on at least 4 random eggs, and we are still good!
 They are hard to photo now, because at this stage, when candled, it is just a dark mass. Like so,
But here is some video of a chick moving around in the egg on day 15, which is where we are at this very moment. And even though that was a duck. We see the same darn thing.
 And it is very cool.
 I am on high alert and in ultra mothering mode.
Eggs will need to stopped being turned on day 19. Some water needs to be added in the incubator, to up humidity to make the egg easier to hatch out of, on day 20.
Then it will be a vigil, people!
 I think I might be a little excited.
Just a little.
 But wait there's more!
 I have more very, extremely exciting, and happy news to share with you.
 But I am waiting for some special pictures to appear in my inbox. (MOM!)
 You will smile a lot.
 I promise.


MamaTea said...

You know, I am learning so much about eggs and chicks from you...its delightful.

And that was some pretty wicked insides to that icky egg. I, like you, would have been fascinated by it. :)

Can't wait for the great news and pictures...

Stephanie said...

well it sure looks like it stinks.

Rosemarie said...

can't wait to see the chicks when they hatch.

Elemental Handcrafts said...

What a cliffhanger!!!!!