Saturday, June 20, 2009


So, we have had some surprise smatterings of sun, and well, we have been out in them. 
Just so you know, it is the 3rd coldest June on record. 
 I am sure it ranks pretty high for the wettest as well.
 It means lots of fungus among us.
 It means that some of us get cheeky and pretend to snack on them, proceeded by writhing in pain, and a dramatic worldly exit.
 It's very convincing.
My Brother, his lovely wife, and their 11 month old son, are visiting us from Hawaii.
This is the first time we have actually met Baby Connor.
And we like him!
 I am thinking he is mostly liking us too. I hope at the end of their visit, he will have only fond associations with us.
 The kids are so good with him.
 They love babies.
 I am doing wash like a crazy person because my new fangled washer came. It is so high tech. And pretty, and has so many options. And we can watch it like we are at a laundry mat , but we are not and you can tell because we can sit in front of it and eat pudding, and then leave and pee, and get more pudding, and then return.
So cool.
 We also got a real wooden patio set.
 One that isn't like pieced together from all kinds of chairs and a round table that hardly fits us all.
It's big!
 AND it matches.
 Like a real grown up set.
A is finally getting a new to us car. Poor guy has been driving our lovely but very old car, with no A/C and body rot. It has some other issues, but I don't talk about them. they make me feel bad about driving the newer nice car. So I just live in my own world that everything is fine with his car and that it is a lovely car to drive. He has a nerve problem in his leg, and the old car is standard, and so it has been an uncomfy thing for him.
 Hopefully he will have it by days end.
 We have played in puddles
because it's fun and there are many.
 K has been singing me the most lovely of love songs.
 And really folks, that is just the cherry on my sundae of life.
 I look forward to a lot of fun things with my brother and his family this week.
 Mostly, I want to just hang out.


Stephanie said...

Lots of Juice in this one!
Congrats to A... and God(dess) Bless the dear dh's for having no prob with driving the Beasts. :)

julie said...

your nephew is too cute!!