Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Cloisters!

Man, that place was such a gorgeous spot.
Here is the history.
The architecture was amazing
This door was from the 1300's!
There was a ton of beautiful religious sculptures.
K was really intrigued with any gruesome Jesus depictions.
He thinks of Jesus as sort of a pirate, who's crucification was kinda like walking the planks, but on land. 
 Funny guy.
Here is one of the Unicorn tapestries.
This being the most peaceful. The rest of them depicted an actual hunt and kill of the creature.
There were just so many little gems along the way.
 Lots of beautiful spots to sit in the shade around the gardens.
 and walk barefoot.
In how many museums can you do that?
 One of the best features, I think, were the gardens.
They were really like being on vacation somewhere far from here.
 We ate like we were in Paris.
We even kidnapped Daddy from work!
We spied the great Hudson river from atop the medieval garden wall.
 Speaking of the midieval garden..
 They had this trained espalier pear tree.
Look at this!
Isn't it amazing?
Among other really intriguing medicinal plants, we found this strange fellow.
 I think it was called a cotton thistle.
 If you snuck past the the extra pointy thorns, you could pet the really soft whitish furry leaves.
 And one of my faves,
 the fox glove.
This is hands down,
The most beautiful museums we have ever visited.


Stephanie said...

My favorite (and the most compelling for me) is the first picture.
So beautiful.

Love 2B Homeschoolers said...

I forgot to ask you about it today. My family obviously needs to go!