Monday, June 8, 2009

Beginnings of a garden!

Well, the season is up and coming here in CT. Hard to believe the amount of cold rainy days we get in May and June. It really does a number on seedlings and plants. It can stunt your whole crop, and make for a pretty dismal harvest!
Kinda like it did for us, last year!
 So this year, A rigged up little hoop houses!
 We can now protect our little friends from too much rain, and chilly nights.
 So far, we have our salad patch
and some of my fave, swiss chard, mixed in.
 I believe these are cabbages and broccoli,
and other stuff in here.
The tomato and pepper house!
Our strawberries, Mmm..
Hard to see, but that there,
is  the beginning of our fruit tree orchard!
That's going to be something!
And we headed down to the local greenhouses,
decided to pretty up our entrance with some vibrant lovelies.
A and M did such an amazing job!
Man, flowers make such a difference.
But then Odie found it so irresistible, and he made a bed in the top half totally wrecking most of the prettiness there.
Ilovemydog, ilovemydog....
 So, A decided to throw some lovely, thorny roses up there, with some kind of sticks, to try and deter that.
 It's working!
 For now...


Stephanie said...

In the back of our veggie garden (we have fruits and plants everywhere, but some you need fenced off, and out of the way of animals trampling and other general decimating...) I put a wall of roses, for that reason. There's a little fence there, but not particularly pretty, and I figure roses make a fine border. And they do! It works. There's the outside property border fence, the dog path, and then the rose wall.
'Course, Eric grumbles if we put the tomatoes too close to the roses, so gotta watch out for that....

julie said...

it looks great!
love those dogs : ) Heidi dug up one of our basil plants the first day we planted it!

Rosemarie said...

Flowers do make such a difference. Know how you feel about the dog things. We have lost som any flowers but we do love our dog:)

MamaTea said...

Looks good to me! Can't wait to see how everything turns out for you :)

Beverly said...

Nice hoops. That would work well where I live; we're still worried about frost. Maybe. Who knows?
We put a small garden in about a week ago, and yes, the kids made sure the flowers they picked out were the first things in the ground. Ha!