Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The first lost tooth

 If even if it was pulled out by the dentist,
the tooth fairy doesn't mind!
All she knows is that there is a beacon coming from a tooth,
 somewhere under a pillow.
What shall she bring?
Wait and see!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

First Ball Game

My Brother was a big baseball fan growing up. Yearly season tickets to the Met's, the whole bit.
 So he suggested we all go check out the new Citi field, and take the kids to the ball game.
It was their first time riding the subway as well. On our way to the field, on the #7, we had a train delay, and the train stopped in front of an old warehouse that was COVERED in the most glorious graffiti I have seen in a long time.
It truly was a piece of art. We got a good long look. It was great.
 The stadium was awesome, I vaguely remember the old Shea stadium and this was such a contrast. Their is food everywhere. Good food.
 But we dined bleacher style.
Beer and hot
The kids loved all the cheering, and dancing and other basebally stuff they have you do there.
K said it was his best day ever.
Which is surprising because he is not a fan of sports.
So the game....
I just want my friend Tony, who is a big sport fan, to know that not all was lost on me.
 He was worried about that.
I was made to understand that two great pitchers were at the game, and that Pujols was there. I was disappointed that he did not slam one, so I could watch the big apple spin. But the Mets did win and that was exciting.
 I may not have appreciated the significance of this game, but I understood the magic.
 Tony, I understood.
 Kind of.
Anyways, we had a great day. We were out of our ordinary, it was an adventure, and it was fun.
 We headed back to my Parent's, picked up Great Grandma,
and had an 11 month old Birthday party for Connor!
 He will be back in Hawaii for his first, so we had to have a little thing here before they leave.
 Such a cute kid!
 I wish they lived closer.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Chick update!

6, nearly 7 so far!
 It is a neat thing to watch.
First a pip, 
then a crack,
all the way around.
Pop out
get steady on your feet.
21 days.
From yolk to folk.

Yesterday's tornado warning.

The eggs!

Well, I went in to check the temp in the incubator last night, and I heard a few chicks peeping!
Then I saw some eggs rolling around, and some pip marks. 
A pip is the first initial hole in the egg from the chick.
 It can be 24 hours from the first pip to when the chick will break out.
 We are on high alert!
 So, M and I camped out at the headquarters last night.
Just in case.
 Nothing much happened except more and more eggs pipped.
It's getting close now.
Stay tuned.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Late nights

My Brother, his most awesome Wife, and THE sweet baby Connor
have been visiting this week and so we have been hanging late.
One of the best nights of course 
 an ice cream
 run for all.
With full sugar fueled bellies, the boys were ready for a magical hunt.
The weather with it's infinite wetness, has made the toads come out in droves. We geared up in rain jackets, grabbed flashlights, and my brother followed them around in the car to further provide light, and the pursuit was on.
 The boys were so happy that they glowed!
It was toad city and the boys had such a haul.
 All around there were the random rhythmic lights of the fire fly.
It was simply spectacular.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My surprise.

 On Father's day!
 I went up to close down the barn at 8 p.m.
Did not see Mini anywhere.
So I rounded the corner and peered into the Chicken house, and there she was, just standing.
 I get closer and look, and there is bloody goo coming out where bloody goo might come out if one were about to birth.
 So I said " Mini!, You are going into labor!"
We look at each other, and then she made a soft bahh, and then I hear an answer. My head jerked around to the right, and there they were.
 3 little tiny sweet baby goats, maybe an hour or so old.
 I was shocked, not because I missed the birth again, but that there were three!
And they are so, so, sweet. 
2 boys and a girl.
 They had a rough start. I think Mini was not sure what to do. It was apparent that they were weak and needed to nurse.
I moved them into a temporary stall until I got their suite ready. I made sure each had some nursing.
I booked back to the house to spread the joy.
I was a sleepless night for me, as the two little ones were having a hard time nursing and were still very weak. 
Thankfully, they were able to gain their strength that night as I assisted them.
 I am happy to report all are well, healthy and strong. 
The big boy, his name is Zeus. The little girl,
M named Starlight. 
The one who struggled the most does not have a for sure name yet. Don't tell any one,
but he is my favorite.
 The best part is that we were to share this day with my Parents, my Brother and his family, and mostly my 90 year old Grandma.
She loved every touch and sound. 
 It was the best.
I especially love this
You can see just so much in that picture.
It never gets old.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Eggy update

Found the smelly egg! There was a smell coming from the incubator for many days and it was getting worse.
 I knew there was a bad egg.
I tried to sniff them, but it was not conclusive.
Then the other day there was a cracked shell with bubbly horrible liquid.
Of course, we felt the desire to take it outside and crack it open.
 It was nasty. As you can see, there was black chunky masses and a white milky liquid.
 Oh, and the smell!
 It was like one of those horrid glass stink bombs you had as a kid.
 Just like it!
 kinda amusing.
 To me.
Well, the eggs have officially entered their 3rd and  final trimester.
7 days in each trimester. 
The temperature in the incubator has to be watched like a hawk now.
Multiple times daily.
The developing fetuses are now producing some heat of their own, and it gets my preset temp to rise too high.
If it remains high and unchecked too long, buh bye chickies.
 And we would be so, so sad.
So, I check for life multiple times a day on at least 4 random eggs, and we are still good!
 They are hard to photo now, because at this stage, when candled, it is just a dark mass. Like so,
But here is some video of a chick moving around in the egg on day 15, which is where we are at this very moment. And even though that was a duck. We see the same darn thing.
 And it is very cool.
 I am on high alert and in ultra mothering mode.
Eggs will need to stopped being turned on day 19. Some water needs to be added in the incubator, to up humidity to make the egg easier to hatch out of, on day 20.
Then it will be a vigil, people!
 I think I might be a little excited.
Just a little.
 But wait there's more!
 I have more very, extremely exciting, and happy news to share with you.
 But I am waiting for some special pictures to appear in my inbox. (MOM!)
 You will smile a lot.
 I promise.

Saturday, June 20, 2009


So, we have had some surprise smatterings of sun, and well, we have been out in them. 
Just so you know, it is the 3rd coldest June on record. 
 I am sure it ranks pretty high for the wettest as well.
 It means lots of fungus among us.
 It means that some of us get cheeky and pretend to snack on them, proceeded by writhing in pain, and a dramatic worldly exit.
 It's very convincing.
My Brother, his lovely wife, and their 11 month old son, are visiting us from Hawaii.
This is the first time we have actually met Baby Connor.
And we like him!
 I am thinking he is mostly liking us too. I hope at the end of their visit, he will have only fond associations with us.
 The kids are so good with him.
 They love babies.
 I am doing wash like a crazy person because my new fangled washer came. It is so high tech. And pretty, and has so many options. And we can watch it like we are at a laundry mat , but we are not and you can tell because we can sit in front of it and eat pudding, and then leave and pee, and get more pudding, and then return.
So cool.
 We also got a real wooden patio set.
 One that isn't like pieced together from all kinds of chairs and a round table that hardly fits us all.
It's big!
 AND it matches.
 Like a real grown up set.
A is finally getting a new to us car. Poor guy has been driving our lovely but very old car, with no A/C and body rot. It has some other issues, but I don't talk about them. they make me feel bad about driving the newer nice car. So I just live in my own world that everything is fine with his car and that it is a lovely car to drive. He has a nerve problem in his leg, and the old car is standard, and so it has been an uncomfy thing for him.
 Hopefully he will have it by days end.
 We have played in puddles
because it's fun and there are many.
 K has been singing me the most lovely of love songs.
 And really folks, that is just the cherry on my sundae of life.
 I look forward to a lot of fun things with my brother and his family this week.
 Mostly, I want to just hang out.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

To the green!

I always feel so hip and with it, enjoying the variety of life and talents of those that share this planet with us, when I take to the kids into the city.
I mean, it's only a 17 minute drive from my place of recluse, but what a different world.
In many ways I fantasize living in the city with all the things going on, and places to happen upon. But then I come home and that dream rapidly evaporates.
 I am pretty sure we will spend enough time there as the kids grow. Last year, it was really hard, as E would just try and take off. 
 This time he was like 100 times better.
 So, we ventured out to hear some lovely tunes on the green. It's part of the amazing annual Arts &  Ideas festival.
 We listened to some great music, but the kids really liked watching the band breakdown.
Luckily, there was a break in the rainy pattern and it was a nice day.
 Today, well, back to the pattern.
Best of all, I was able to have nice long chats with all the cool Mamas.
 And the kids were joyfully playing free on the lovely green with other homeschooly kids.
It was a nice day.
 I have to remember to pack more foods to snack on.
I think my kids have tapeworms.....


Wednesday, June 17, 2009


So, it's supposedly summer, and so I made a little yummy thing with the fruits of the season.
It is amazing with ice cream.
If you like strawberries and rhubarb, then this is a dream.
 ok then.
Strawberry rhubarb cobbler.
1/2 cup sugar
2 tbs flour
1/8 tsp ground cloves
 2- 12 oz baskets of sexy ripe strawberries
 1 1/2 cups of 1/2 inch slices of rhubarb
1 cup flour
1/3 cup sugar
1/4 cup yellow cornmeal
1 tbs b. powder
 1 tsp b. soda
pinch of salt
3 tbs chilled unsalted butter diced
1/2 cup buttermilk ( reg milk works fine.)
 Preheat oven to 400.
For the filling-
Mix sugar, flour cloves in large bowl. Add the the cut up berries, (halves for small, quarters for giant berries) and rhubarb, toss to coat. Put in 10 inch glass dish of some sort. I butter, because well, butter is good. Put in oven and let cook until tender.
Put all the topping ingredients into a bowl, and knead with finger tips until it resembles a coarse meal.
Slowly add milk, tossing it with a fork, until moist clumps form. Sometimes it just looks like pancake batter.
When your filling is tender, spoon batter over the top, and cook it until the crust is done.
This is good stuff. The real deal.
 Be prepared to eat.