Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Steam train and riverboat ride.

Boy, here I go again, getting behind on the posting.
Maybe I will get to the holiday weekend in a few days.
So anyway, I saw on the state inclusive homeschool message board, that a group was being offered at discount prices to go on the steam train and CT river boat ride.
So of course, I signed us up!
 THE train
The work crew gave us the low down of how a steam train works.
Interactive museum
Cruising through the woods, with an open window.
A and K giving their tickets!
Gillette's Castle. 
I would like to go and explore that one day...
 We saw a bald eagle! It was far away, and I couldn't get a shot. But very cool!
Waving at traffic as we crossed the roads.
AND, It was an awesome way to make Dad play hooky!


Rosemarie said...

How did I miss this? It looks like such and awesome day.

Stephanie said...

How fun!!

Much better than work. :)

MamaTea said...

What a great opportunity! Looks like you had a blast!! You really have awesome pictures on your blog...I love visiting here!

mamak said...

Your sweet Mama Tea, I actually have been using my camera phone since my good old camera died, not bad, huh?