Thursday, May 28, 2009

Memorial Day Parade!

M's Daisy scout troop, all wicked cool homeschoolers I might add, got a chance to march in the tiniest parade ever on Memorial Monday.
They needed an extra banner carrying hand, and recruited E.
 He was so happy with that job.
 Here's the one cop start up.
A couple of fire trucks.
 The one float!
There was a group of like 8 kids that made up a band, missed that photo.
Here they come!
They threw candy,
and as you can see,
 K was on it.
 After the parade, 
happily swapping candy.
 The investiture/Graduation ceremony!
The boys still thinking that they are daisy scouts, too.
 Getting ready to get their official certificates.
 Now off to celebrate,
beach party style.
Hung out by the water,
and play.
It was an awesome, really fun day. And the girl is now a Brownie!


Stephanie said...

That parade was Spectacular!!

Anything involving The Beach is good in my opinion.

MamaTea said...

Love the "sand" picture.

Small parades are especially awesome! Looks like you had a great day :)

julie said...

Yeah Marlin! looks like you guys had an awesome day.