Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Magic Kingdom Day 1

We had to break this park and Epcot down into two parts so we could use our tactic right, and so we were out of there on the hottest, busiest times.
It worked like a charm, as we had short lines, and did not miss a ride!
The first ride we hit was
Believe it or not that line is a mile long if you don't time it right.
It was cute. But that's all.
We hit a lot that it was too dark, or quick that I could not take pictures in. Peter Pan, Cinderella, an awesome 3d movie. The 3D movies they have there are like nothing you have ever seen. 
They are incredible. You can smell stuff, they blow air at you in all the right times. 
 Mad hatter's tea cup!
 M and I had ours spinning so fast that I was afraid I was going to fall over when the ride was over.
 I didn't though.
 Next was the Frontier Land section.
All my kids were into these rides much more.
 Thunder Mountain Railroad!
Basically a run away train through the desert.
Ridden lots.
Splash Mountain!
 Great ride with a 50 foot plunge into water!
Pirates of 
the Carribean!
Swiss Family Robinson tree house.
 it was a walk through.
And very cool.
We decided that it would be just fine to live in a tree.
 We stumbled upon 
a street performance
 of Jack Sparrow.
 It was very funny, and he threw K a signed pirate map!
Safari Boat ride
 down a 
jungle river.
a small world
after all...
It's a small, small world!
The Haunted Mansion!( Blurry, sorry, but it makes them even more paranormal, right?)
 This was a def fav! It was spooky, and full of spirits!
 The part that we loved the most was at the end when you go past a mirror and they somehow have a ghost sitting in your car with you.
 Freaked E out every time. Poor kid would be exiting the ride always looking behind him. I would play the most awful tricks on him! Like tap his opposite shoulder and such. He would just look at me so confused, "Mama, hold me I need to touch your hair..."
I suck!

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I'm sure I would have been sorely tempted, too.