Sunday, May 10, 2009

Home again!

We are home! We had the most amazing time together at Disney World. I was weary about crowds, and just being at Disney in general, but it was such a great vacation. I have to say that Tour Guide Mike was a life saver on this trip. His website, and the week you will be there itinerary, was nothing short of amazing. We waited minimally in lines, and completed parks from opening, to being done by two. Unless we stayed for a show or parade or came back for fireworks, and even then he gave great inside tips on where to stand and paths to get out with out the mass exodus.  
I mean back in the pool relaxing while all the other tourists were standing in long ass lines with crying kids, in the 95 degree sun. Thank you, Coleen, for referring us to his site. I will never ever go to Disney again ( years from now) with out consulting that site. It was that good.  So friends, be warned, if your going to Disney, use his site or be ready to be a chump in line.
Anyway, I have a lot of fun photos to share, but today I am in traveling recovery mode and am all lazy and laundry tackling. So perhaps I will take some time tomorrow. 
It will be a week of Disney photos, be forewarned.
AND I hope you have had a wonderful Mothers day. And even if it hasn't been spectacular enough for you, take a good look at those little ones that you have, and feel absolutely amazed and grateful to be sharing this life with them.


Stephanie said...

How wonderful!!
I'm so glad you had some great mojo going!
Looking forward to visiting with you again.

Love 2B Homeschoolers said...

So glad you found TGM as amazing as I do :-)