Friday, May 1, 2009

A good bye post

I just can't do this anymore.
 This blog needs to take a rest.
I really need to just chill for a while.
So yes, a tiny farewell for a week.
But this is going to be a week of sheer fun, indulgence, and relaxation.
I won't update the blog from the road, but do not be surprised if I drop by yours and leave a comment.
You know, leisurely perusing your joyful blog, poolside, with a cold one, and three really happy amazing kids soaking up life.
 So this week we prepared for the trip, and got all our ducks in a row. 
But our ducks never stand in rows, they waddle all scattered like....
Anyway, we had a family playdate with Julie's family at a local park with a pond.
We finally got to meet sweet baby Adeline, and she is just beautiful!
K got wind of a vernal pool with,
Oh, how my boy loves creatures.
He even created the most cleaver little trap with litter and a rock.
whippersnapper, that one.
But there was this large swimming hole that needed a good splash. 
 you know, it had a long winter too.
I wonder if the pond thinks to itself, "Oh my, I feel a splash, first sign of spring!
Perhaps it feels our childrens joy
 as we hear the returning bird song.
Just maybe.
we found pretty things,
and enjoyed the day as two friendly families should.
Bye for now! See you in 8 blissful days!


Anonymous said...

how cheeky are you with your goodbye post!

have fun!

Heart Rockin Mama said...

Have an amazing, relaxing, exhilarating, yes-filled trip! Take lots of pictures!

Stephanie said...

have so much fun!!

and i'm with lz - cheeky monkey!

RunninL8 said...

oo! Ya scared me! Thought you were bagging the whole blogging thing!
Enjoy your trip!