Friday, May 22, 2009

Epcot World Showcase

The world showcase section of Epcot is a neat place. Basically, they have representations of various countries. They have the buildings, artifacts, food,  and they hire people indigenous to those countries, it's very cool. The countries are: Mexico, Norway, China, Germany, Italy, America, Japan, Morocco, France, United Kingdom, and Canada.
 To make it more interactive and interesting for the kids, because there are only two rides, is the passport activity.
 Basically you buy a passport, make a mask, and you go to the different countries and meet a person at a station, and they stamp your passport, write in their native language, and give you a representational charm for this mask that you tote around. 
We were determined to nail them all, and we did!
China was cool, because they got their name written in characters, and found out what their birth year animal was. 
I remember that E's was a ram.
 I thought that was dead on. Stubborn, hard headed, quick on his feet, and often smelly.
Quickly, the two rides were in Norway and Mexico. 
Norway's was,
It was too dark for photos, but it was a water ride in a Viking style boat, and involved trolls. It was ok.
Mexico's was a bit better.
Another boat ride, but longer and funny for the kids, because a cartoon parrot followed us around.
I did love the Mexican marketplace!
 The boys chose to have their face painted near an African trading post.
They both looked great!
 We ate lunch in Morocco.
 And enjoyed a belly dancer.
 China had a great gymnast show!
I could not believe how easily there bodies just flew!
 And this guy would balance a board on a barrel, stand on, and flip bowls on his head,
and catch them.
 United States had this amazing show of robot figures of Ben Franklin, Abe Lincoln, retelling history from the Pilgrims on up.
Did I say it was amazing?
 Japan gave us Japanese drumming.
 We ate Dinner in Germany,
 and got authentic music. 
They even played that really long pipe thing like in the Ricola commercials.
We capped the night off with massive firework display.
Great Day!


Rosemarie said...

Your tip looks absolutly amazing. I can't wait unti we take the boys there. My inlaws are monthly visitors of Disney so they have everything all mapped out already!

Love 2B Homeschoolers said...

We do lunch in Germany every time. Didn't you love their giant horns? Fun!

Sarah said...

I can't wait! Thanks so much for sending me this link! Just seeing a bit of this helps me to wrap my head around it a little better. Really looking forward to this. Do they give you a world map so the kids can see where these countries are?