Thursday, May 14, 2009

Epcot future world section

Epcot was my favorite park. It was when I went as a kid as well. It's the perfect balance for life learning. 
 It's such a fun place, but yet satiates inquisivity ( word? is now.. I needed to combine that word with curiosity for some unknown reason)
 Anyway, Figment ride
Really cool interactive music conducting game
Excellent eco house tour. 
not sure but it's green and oxygen giving
flowers and an eggplant vine
 a 9 lb lemon. 
for real!
Sweet potatoes
all in a rows
a cherry tomato tree.
 A pepper tree.
They had worked with some Japanese agro people to make these veggie plants into trees. They were really cool.
Spirals of salad
A Hydro system using tilapia water as fertilizer, and the plants help remove waste from the water.
So symbiotic!
A thing where you can program a robot to play an instrument. 
Our robot had a mind of it's own.
All you can play Mario Kart.
Climb all over a real fire truck
Making art with velcro shapes
 at the coral reef
 A ride through history 
in the big epcot golf ball.
Mission Space!
We loved this ride so much. 
It was so real.
They also had there spring flower show going on.
Sodas from around the world.
Our faves were Costa Rico, China, and Mexico.
Soarin was an incredible ride. We rode it like three times and each time we were amazed.
Test track was another thoroughly enjoyed, multiple ridden ride.
There were lots of other rides and shows, but either I could not take pictures, or I was so engrossed that it was not possible.
 AND to top it all off, a boat ride back to the resort.
Aweome, awesome day!
Oh, one of my favorite parts of the day was when M was chatting with a girl and her Mom in line, the Mom said something like "aren't you happy your here and not in school this week?" 
M said "Well, this is kinda my school, I don't go to a building to learn".
The Mom asked if she Homeschooled, and M just smiled and nodded.
 It wasn't brought up anymore, but the girl was asking her mom if she could homeschool, and you could see the mom sidestepping all around that.
You know I smiled.
I truly think when given a choice the majority of kids would not want their learning outsourced to a drab fluorescent lit building 180 days a year, and would choose something else.
I understand this is just not a viable choice for a lot of families.
But for the others, Just Do It!
hopping off the soapbox now....


Stephanie said...

Awesome, Friend!!
Totally awesome.
What a place. I'm amazed. I never knew.
And that's so great that she said "This is kind of my school...."
I bet your grin could have knocked someone over.

Love 2B Homeschoolers said...

So jealous that you had all those beautiful flowers to enjoy.

Beverly said...

Great post! I love Disney World. I know it's not for everyone, but I love it!
We were at EPCOT in February. Glad to see it's in good hands!