Thursday, May 21, 2009

Diverging ( and a graphic dead turkey photo)

from documenting our busy week at Disney.
I am sure I hear a sigh of relief...
 I wanted to post what we have been up to this week.
But then I believe I only have about 2-3 more post about Disney, hee hee....
 So let's see what my cameras have to say about this past week or so.
Ok, well news of the bummer kind. We have had a bit of trouble with a rogue coyote.
The kind that kills 1 turkey, 1 duck, and about 10 chickens.
Ok here is the part where I feel the need to post a picture of the kill.
Get ready,
 here it comes,
There, not SO bad.
So we hiked out into the woods ( in pj's!) to see if we can find anymore evidence, bodies, tracks and the like.
 We found some feathers but nothing  too exciting. ( for me that would mean kills, tracks, and poop!) 
 But we found slug eggs,
 and a cool salamander.
We have had to be careful with the animals, and now they can only be out when we are here. Except for the horse. We will need to put up an additional wire fence barrier, because we have a preggo goat due in 3 weeks or less.
Went to the zoo with friends
rode a carousel
spied a hiding (kind of) peacock.
 Said hi to Al.
Rescued a silly Turkey from the woods.
 Nothing like being a big white beacon of dinner to a hungry coyote.
Well, she laid a clutch in the danger zone.
Since they are infertile eggs, I brought her back to the barn and sat her on chicken eggs.
 She seems satisfied.
Did something dangerous..
 went to Michael's.
But that seems to be having
lovely results!
Been lazy in the grass with Carly,
Do you like butter?

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Stephanie said...

It all looks good to me!
That is a gorgeous shot of Sal.