Saturday, May 23, 2009

A day at the lake

with our friends!
We went fishing first, but it was not an optimal time, so no catches.
But I think it's such a good time to just throw it out there, and look around, and maybe a fish will happen.
Julie said it best that day " Fishing isn't always about the fish"
So, we enjoyed the day in the sun.
lake splashing,
minnow catching,
Friend's dad noodle beating,
Pensive times on the swings,
and, you know, the guarding of lives.
It was a most refreshing day, and we could not have spent it with better people.
The kids and I departed for an egg delivery, but you know it was still hot and stuff, and since we were passing it anyway, a trip to the local ice cream place was just too tempting.
So we didn't catch any fish on our first fishing trip of the year, but no worries, I know that I already have three of the best catches.
Wanna see one?


julie said...

love the pictures. It was a great day.

Lisa said...

What a fabulous day! And I agree, fishing isn't always about the fish! It's quite relaxing, isn't it?!

MamaTea said...

You have great pictures on your blog, and I'm enjoying reading it! Looks like you have a lot of fun :)

Love the part about the ice cream shop. I mean...its understandable why you had to stop. With it being right there and all...

Love reading about your days! I've put a link to you site over at mine.

mamak said...

Aww thanks! I have been enjoying yours as well! I link it here as well!