Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Animal Kingdom

I forgot to take a photo of the insane tree of life. However i don't think you could capture the details in a photo.
It was a thing to behold.
See here.
They had people walking around from time to time.
This lady was the best.
She was a grape vine on stilts.
Ev was a little freaked out...
They had marimaba music!
I love Marimbas
Scenes from an african safari tour.
Big Bilbao tree
The plains
Spanish moss, not really African,
 but one of my southern loves.
Tall and skinny
Termite mounds
A baby elephant! 
Do you know that they suck their own trunk like a pacifier. OMGosh!
Flying fox
 All jungley like
Isn't he a cool looking creature?
Big paw of a tiger
Going through Tibet now
 Local motion
Lion king show
with fire
 A kick butt dino ride
It was an awesome park with some really great shows and rides. Each park was so different and amazingly well done. 
 I really wasn't expecting so much quality.
I was pretty much wrong!


Stephanie said...

Hey, we read about prehistoric termites the other day. :)

What an amazing place!

Looks so, so fun.

Love 2B Homeschoolers said...

The AK parade is one of my favorites. You are making me realize I need to blog about my trip!