Friday, April 10, 2009

Yesterday rocked

Yesterday was one of those days, that make you feel happy. With everything. Nope, we didn't do anything spectacular. We just were doing what we did, and it was perfect.
 So what did we do?
We got out the dyes,
 and added a vinegar.
We proceeded to create the most glorious eggs for the bunny to hide.
We were just so intent on the process
of creating a tye dyed egg.
And painted eggs.
K made a dinosaur egg!
We must have sounded quite gleeful, as the goats came to graze closer.
We spent a lot of time making such magical looking eggs.
I think the bunny will ooh and ahh as we did.
But the creativity bit us hard and we needed more paint!
Onto paper lanterns then!
I told M that hers looked like it belonged in Jamaica, because of the colors.
She now knows what a Rastafarian is!
E skipped lanterning for the lure of playdough.
We were in serious need of sustenance.
A very berry smoothie to go along with our Quorn nuggets.
Those are a new discovery for us, and they are SO good.
Then, this?!
Over the river,
and through the woods,
to be with goats.
Our posse!
We have a sitter!
Baby chicks would be so nice.
We put the hammock back up!
We love hammocks..
Mama went into the woods a bit for a river clean up.
Found k's missing shoe!
 I knew it was in the river,
I mean where else, really..
Getting hooped up for planting season.
Our season is so short here, this will hopefully give us a longer run.
Bones, and Earl gray.
Why not?
They played on,
and on,
and on.
There was music,
 and dancing.
offerings to dead friends,
bed wrestling,
Mrs. Piggle Wiggle,
and lastly snoozing.
And so, the day just rocked.


Stephanie said...

Yay for awesome days.
[happy sigh]


Lynnie said...

Wow, talk about a totally full day! Looks like you just about did it all! Love your hoop houses. We live in a cold weather zone too and hope our greenhouse combined with row covers works out for us this year. That's hilarious about the shoe! Reminds me of last summer when one of the kids' shoes got eaten by the mud on the side of a pond. Wonder if it will show up this year!

Love 2B Homeschoolers said...

OMG I'm exhausted just reading it all :-) Sounds like an awesome day.