Friday, April 3, 2009

We had a birthday!

My little guy, K has turned the big 06!
He did not want me to put baby pictures up here and a poem, so I will just post the big day.
I will tell you though, that he was a most delicious scrawny baby with giant eyes.
 And he smiled at everything, still does.
He is my most affectionate child thus far, and has no doubt that we will marry.
So onto the frog creek birthday tradition!
There was breakfast in bed
The good morning birthday song 
and wish making candle.
Light saber!
Snap  circuits!
 The light saber was the favorite, but we could have guessed that...
Later, cake time
 and even more wishes.
May they all come true, baby. 
Ummm, I mean big boy....


Dawn said...

~*~*~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY ~*~*~

denise said...

Oh, happy happy happy birthday!